Sunday, May 27, 2007


Just wanted to remind myself that the Miss Universe Pageant is on Monday on NBC--- and I thought I'd mention it because otherwise I might forget it and tune into the Stanley Cup instead. I don't want to miss out on seeing gorgeous international women wear swimsuits on TV.

Incidentally, those of you cheering for Miss Sweden need to find another country to cheer for, because Sweden has boycotted the competition this year. They say the pageant is demeaning to women. So they're not going to show up.

I say the Swedes are boring people. Miss Universe is really a fun competition to determine which country has the best babes in the world. But Sweden has just told the world that they don't want any babes littering Sweden and that all babes should leave the country, and that they don't believe in beauty or having fun. What uptight people! This confirms my own opinion of Sweden--- that this country's frisky reputation is completely overblown and that these Swedes who live there are dull and politically correct. The only thing to do there is watch hockey and go to the Ikea.

Lots of guys think Sweden is the world capital for oversexed blondes who like to doff their tops on the beach, but I'm convinced American guys have their countries mixed up. I think the really hot young Eurobabes, the sex-crazed ones these silly North Americans usually associate with Sweden, don't live there at all. Instead, the friskiest blondes are actually from Germany and eastern Europe.

Not that there aren't plenty of beautiful Swedish women out there--- look at sexy Victoria Silvstedt (pictured), former Playmate of the Year. But keep in mind, Victoria left boring Sweden to live in the United States! The USA-- land of the free and home of the babes.

Update: Check out coverage of the pageant at the site Global Beauties.


Tova said...

Oh my goodness, your thoughts of sweden are so off you wouldn't even belive it! If any country is overly politically correct it's usa. We swedes can go out on air saying things that would make your grandma chop her ears off, our children's movies accually include nudity (a lot of it in some cases), while your "sex-limit-age" is 18 we're free to fuck all we want at 15, the government hands out as much free condoms as we can use to us teenagers, accually all birth control is way cheap for everyone under 21, we have classes in school about sex when we're like 12. We have a really open mind about sex.

Man, I'm 16 years old and I've slept with 8 guys, I've been in a threesome (or we might even have been four or five...), I've done it with handcuffs, in the ass and with a man about nine years older than me...

The worlds thoughts of us are pretty much true, besides the thing about all girls beeing blonde. That's kind of 50/50, less if you consider the fake ones.

(Hope you can read in spite of all my misspellings)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Swedes are NOT frisky, they are the most unsexy and boring people you will ever find (trust me on this). Far too repressed and passive-aggressive to have real spontaneous fun (sex). Unless they are dead drunk and then they act like Cro Magnon people!

(One who lives in Sweden but is getting out soon)

PS: Between you and me, I think Swedish men suffer from a lack of testosterone.

Stefan Martensson said...

I'm Swedish and I a guy...

Geographically I love both the US and Sweden- Sweden will always be "home" but I reside most of my time in Canada (far better alternative to the "big" brother south of the border.

I seen much of western US and I love the natural part of your so famous country. But the world would have not been the same with neither of the countries, we raped and pillaged around the world and had the greatest super-power Europe had seen back in the day (one of the very few countries that beaten the Red Army TWICE).

But when it comes comparing US with Sweden I would say it fairly similar if you compare US today and Sweden in the 1800... I mean Us is doing what we were doing then... US is still in the "raping and pillaging" - conquering countries around the world that don't want you there..