Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Here is a story on Maria Shriver saying no to a return to TV news. Blame Anna Nicole Smith. Shriver was apparently all set to go back to TV but then the networks went hog wild over this Anna Nicole non-story, so she said forget it. Who can blame her? She's better off being the First Lady of California than covering this junk; at least in that job she can do more good.

It really bugs me that there is all this other news going on in the world, yet this sad story gets all the coverage, long past the point of it still being "news". Personally, I'd be a little embarrassed if I had to cover this nonsense every day. Look at Entertainment Tonight! They have been leading with this Anna Nicole story every freaking night for the past, what, how many weeks? Ever since she died. I think it only got bumped from top billing to make room for (1) David Hasselhoff being shown drunk out of his skull, (2) that Alec Baldwin yelling-at-his-kid business, and (3) Paris Hilton going to jail!

Mind you, I'm in the minority here, but I question whether it's a good idea to send Paris Hilton to jail. Couldn't they have done something else other than send her to jail?! Seems like this is a terrible message to send to people, to send irresponsible rich kids to jail while actual murderers and criminals walk free (ie. Mister "If I Did It", O.J. Simpson, who I'm convinced "did it"). Of course, Paris could turn her jail sentence into a reality show or something, or write a tell-all book about being in jail. Maybe that's why people out there have no sympathy for her and think she should rot behind bars. Anyway, Paris Hilton is yet another media hog that the media has gone crazy over.

No wonder Maria Shriver doesn't want to go back to news if this is the type of stuff she'd be stuck doing.

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