Wednesday, May 09, 2007


There's been quite a bit of press coverage out there about a really outrageous ad campaign by a Chicago law firm.

The firm decided to put up a billboard in the so-called Viagra Triangle district of Chicago where all the singles hang out, and it featured pictures of a hot babe and a buff dude, with the tag line Life's short, Get a Divorce. And they gave their firm name and phone number!

Well, if they wanted to get attention from the press, well, it worked. There have been stories in print and on TV about this ad. And you thought those TV ads for Cellino and Barnes out of Buffalo were bad. This is way too over the top. Using sex to sell divorce on people-- now that is low. Apparently, though, the ads were just taken down--- they supposedly didn't have a permit to put up that billboard. But this has been all over the news. There was a story about it on CNN tonight.

I found this whole story interesting based on my own short experience doing divorce law for a living---- and it got me thinking. I'm not a big believer in marrying someone just for the heck of it, or just because people feel they ought to "settle down" or any of that nonsense. If you're going to marry somebody then, darnet, be crazy about each other! Otherwise, what's the point? Some will say you need human companionship, but you can get a dog or a cat for that! I guess I'm talking from the perspective of someone who's very happy being single. I can see why a law firm would put up an ad that says "get a divorce", because there are a lot of bad marriages out there --- marriages that happened for the wrong reasons and things like that.

Also, this is yet another instance where divorce law is made out in the press to be some "sexy" area of law. It's made to look like an area where hot rich people are splitting up all the time so they can hook up with other people. I want to once again debunk this whole image of divorce law. Most divorce law clients aren't rich or good-looking, or even looking for love! In fact, they usually hate each other. They are busy arguing over property and custody and other boring things like that, or accusing each other of being drunk or abusive. You have these spouses wanting restraining orders issued against people, trying to keep them away from their kids! Divorce law as "sexy" and "trendy", my foot. This area of law is a total cesspool.

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