Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Looks like some good news, finally, about the future of Law & Order. Word is that the good folks at TNT, who also bring you your favorite NBA basketball games, may just rescue the Mothership and stick original episodes in their prime-time lineup. TNT already shows Law & Order reruns ad nauseum anyway, and they run original series like The Closer, so it would be a good fit for them.

You think this news leaking out about TNT's interest might spur the numbskulls at NBC to renew this series? I read that TNT had been interested in taking Law & Order off of NBC's hands before, and NBC intervened. Methinks this story might be a perfectly-timed leak by some publicist.

Also, no new word about the cast, or whether Fred Thompson still intends to run for President. What does this do to the Gunsmoke record, folks, does this mean the attempt to beat the record would go up in smoke? Gunsmoke ran 20 years, but it was 20 years on "network television", and TNT isn't considered a "network" by some people because it's on cable. I guess they could still claim it to be a "prime-time series". It's rare for network series to leave for cable- Monday Night Football left for ESPN from ABC, and ESPN also rescued The Contender from NBC. And I believe The Simple Life left for cable as well.

In other network news the latest rumor is that Veronica Mars, crummy ratings and all, may indeed return as an FBI agent on the CW.

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