Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well the big news is that Kevin Reilly has gotten the boot at NBC after advertisers apparently turned up its noses at their new fall schedule. Apparently the ad people think these new shows stink and aren't likely to do well among female viewers. NBC programmed retread junk like The Bionic Woman and plunked these new shows in "death" time slots for the fall season, so just for that Jeff Zucker has given Reilly the pink slip. He's been replaced by Ben Silverman of The Office fame.

I agree, this was a heartless firing, but what do you expect, this is Hollywood and life is bad.

I sure hope things turn around at NBC, it's sad to see a great network like this one go down the tubes so badly. I happen to like a lot of the shows on this network, especially the comedies and the Law and Order shows. My beef with this network has been with the cheap shows they insist on showing, these game shows and lame reality shows. I don't have a problem watching game shows. In fact I love watching them, but I would much rather see these air during the day where cheap game shows belong! I could watch Deal or No Deal in daytime every day, I'd have no problem with that. But prime time ought to be where the dramas and sitcoms go, not these cheap game shows. The reality shows are the worst offenders, though. Real Wedding Crashers?! Whose idea was that? Oh, oh yeah---Kevin Reilly. He put it on, so he deserves the blame.

What's funny is that this guy Reilly was too gutless to give Donald Trump's lame Apprentice show the boot, he wouldn't come out and say to him "you're fired." Instead, Trump had his opening to weasel out and quit on NBC, and do a deal with another network. Well, all I have to say about that fiasco is simply this--- Kevin, you're fired.

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