Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I post here a lot about TV news and hilarious stories about all the goings on in that business. Well, check this story out. Rich Eisen is a prominent anchor at the NFL Network. You may have seen him this weekend with live coverage of that long first round of the NFL draft (six freaking hours?!), where the main story of the day was how quarterback Brady Quinn dropped all the way down to #22 before being plucked by Cleveland. But I digress. Anyway, as seems to be quite common in sportscasting, Eisen married a fellow sportscaster. His wife is Suzy Shuster.

Anyway--- this is really funny. Alycia Lane (pictured), a sexy local TV reporter in Philadelphia with the CBS station KYW, recently got a divorce and is apparently looking for a new husband. And for some reason she was interested in Rich Eisen, so she fired off some hot bikini shots to him.

Except they landed at the wrong address.
Read all about how Mrs. Eisen got Alycia's saucy bikini pictures and how she fired off an e-mail complimenting her on looking good in a bikini and commenting on the seven e-mails she sent to Rich Eisen. Funny stuff.

Hey Alycia, why don't you give up on Rich Eisen; there are plenty of single guys interested in you. (Like, uh, myself.) But I guess you prefer married guys.

TV News--- what a fun business.

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