Thursday, May 03, 2007


The bloodbath has begun in TV land. Gilmore Girls, the winner (or co-winner) of Kristin Veitch's Save One Show campaign over at E!, has been cancelled. The final show will be May 15.

And honestly, I thought this show was going to be back when all was said and done. I thought they were going to get 13 more episodes to finish out the arc.

Doesn't affect me, though---never watched the show, though it seemed like a good show. I will say Lauren Graham does seem like great girlfriend material. Anyway, expect more big announcements on bubble shows to follow in the days ahead.

I sure hope that Veronica Mars is given the boot, too, now. How can the CW justify keeping that show on when they just cancelled a show with better ratings? I think the CW might have just sent a big message to a lot of their bubble shows with this decision. As in: "your show is doomed."

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