Friday, May 18, 2007



I was watching Larry King interviewing those big reality TV stars Holly, Bridget and Kendra on CNN when I noticed this blurb scroll across the bottom of the screen: Donald Trump announced he is leaving The Apprentice to pursue an even bigger project for TV. What, I don't know. Maybe some other crappy reality show or something.

"Doesn't this make you a quitter? Doesn't this make you a loser?!" I mean, this show was going to be cancelled anyway. Trump knew the handwriting was on the wall, though, for "the number one show on television". Getting cancelled by NBC would have been completely humiliating. So with no one left to fire, Trump fired himself.

And since no one else in the business world is any good on TV, that's the end of the show, because no one is going to replace Trump. I know they were talking about making it a show with Jerry Jones in the Trump role, but really, who wants to watch that, either? Good riddance, finally, to Trump and this lousy show.


Fear not, though, you die-hard Apprentice fans. Even though Trump's show is over, the British version starring Sir Alan Sugar in the Trump role has been renewed for two more years on BBC One! I notice episodes of that show have turned up on the Internet, and video highlights are on the BBC website, so fans who miss The Apprentice in the USA should be able to follow that show.

I hear that show is more interesting than the Trump version, though strange things have happened on that show, too. Supposedly what happened was that someone quit that show, recently, too!! This happened very late in the competition, too. Anyway I hope one of these Canadian channels considers picking the British show up for Canadian TV, it might be good for a few laughs.

And for those fans who are nostalgic for this year's LA show and who are really desperate for some sort of Apprentice fix--- well, Kristine's issue of Playboy is on newsstands now, so you can check that rag out and see what Kristine looks like naked. Who cares about that.

Anyway, this is justice, ladies and gentlemen. It always is good when a truly bad reality show gets the boot. In a way I'm sad, too, because I used to love this show. But I'm not too sad, because the last few seasons this show has been terrible.

UPDATE (June 1) Apparently this show may not be done yet- thanks to a regime change at NBC. The new boss is a big reality TV fan and might bring back the Donald and his show, in spite of his pronouncements. To which I go "why?!"

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