Thursday, May 17, 2007


The CW network finally announced its fall schedule today at its upfront. And the big news among all the dedicated TV fans that tune into that channel is that the numbskulls out there in middle America who never watched Veronica Mars have finally succeeded in sinking that show, because it's not coming back.
But look on the bright side, Kristen Bell (pictured) is going to be the narrator on the new CW show Gossip Girls.

I know a lot of these TV fans are mad at network president Dawn Ostroff and mad at these reality shows (the Pussycat Dolls) for getting shows like Veronica booted off the air. But really, what are they complaining about, Ostroff kept Veronica Mars afloat through three years of stinking bad ratings. If this show was on NBC it would have been off the air in thirteen weeks. And knowing FOX, they would have pulled it a lot sooner than that. Me, I never watched the show, so yes, I'm partly to blame for it getting cancelled. But I've been through the grinder already with Law & Order and How I Met Your Mother being on the bubble. So I know what it's like when a show gets cancelled.

I'll have more to say about the CW and the state of things over at the "network of the real TV fans"--- although you have to say that these "real TV fans" are feeling a little disenfranchised because of what's been going down over there.

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