Friday, May 04, 2007


Found an article in which Catherine Crier talked about all the bad changes happening over at Court TV, her former network, which is about to consign its trials to the Web and go heavily into reality TV. And of course they are changing their name over there.

Crier's own show, of course, was cancelled and she was sort of bemoaning the end of trial coverage on TV, saying there was a lot of substance covered. Quote: "They have put up a new evening lineup: a lot of explosions, a lot of car chases, a lot of cops, a lot of beach babes," she said.

She ain't the only one miserable about all this.

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Byllyearle said...

The kindest thing I can think of to say about this is that in time it will all go around again and court tv will reinvent itself in future. However at this time given the boredom factor television programming induces we can only hope that somewhere there is an astute programming manager (sure - lots of luck gang) just waiting to scoop Ms Crier up and present her with a bigger and better place to continue. I for one do not watch court tv's current incredibly boring and phony psychic detective and beach patrol programs, am rerunned out on the forensics stuff and refuse to sanction the antics of an ex (for obvious reasons) prosecutor who insults all intelligence by watching her attempts to stampede opinion and gain personal notoriety disguised as news. Too bad that wasn't the contract up for renewal at this time. Court tv and whatever it cares to call itself in the future is now a blocked channel.

Someone please grab Catherine Crier up quickly...