Monday, May 14, 2007


Well, tonight was the big season finale night for How I Met Your Mother, and if the rumors are true it will NOT be the series finale. If it is, well, we fans will all have gotten hosed.

Here's an interview with co-creator Carter Bays about the show from TV Squad for you fans out there. And I guess it's safe to say it, but Ted and Robin finally broke up. What? You TiVoed the show and I ruined it?! Oops.

Also tonight --- the series finale at long last for The King of Queens, this year's veteran retiring sitcom. Shows you, though, how this genre has declined when the great classic sitcom that is leaving the air is this one. Really. The Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends exits were bigger events. The Will and Grace finale was bigger. Even the Raymond finale was bigger. But really, who cares about this show.

Also, this is a reminder to myself to tune in on Wednesday night to see Bob Barker's last prime time Price is Right spectacular. And they have a big tribute show to him on Thursday. You know, a lot of people hate game shows in prime time and think these shows are junk, but this one is actually worth watching.

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