Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It's the final week of the regular season in TV land and the networks are pulling out all the stops in the reality TV department.

Ahem. Apolo won Dancing With the Stars tonight, and the big vote is on for American Idol. Phone lines are jammed right now all across the United States. We'll know tomorrow who the winner is for that. But I couldn't care less. Honestly, I lost all interest as soon as Sanjaya got the boot. So this year I truly do not care.

For those of you who do care, check out the exit polls that say Jordin is winning. And Vote for the Worst.

That officer dude was there with his new fiance Tessa on the reunion show of The Bachelor tonight on ABC- he gave Tessa the final rose last night. Man, I hate this show, these women who end up getting rejected are all humiliated on national television and have their hearts fed to the cat all the time. It stinks.

Tonight was the big premiere of On The Lot on FOX tonight, produced by the Cecil B. DeMille of reality TV Mark Burnett, but I stopped watching very quickly. I tuned into hockey and basketball instead. Listen, I have my priorities straight. Dunno about you, but I am just bored and fed up with reality TV.

I should rant soon about the fall offerings, which look pretty uninspiring to me. Summer TV is terrible enough. I notice NBC is running nonstop ads for its returning reality piece of junk America's Got Talent, with new host Jerry Springer, new judge Sharon Osborne, and that returning embarrassment David Hasselhoff.

What a joke. At least when Regis hosted the show he added at least a bit of class to this freak show.


And finally I noticed NBC insists it has not given up on The Apprentice yet- they insist the Donald is still under contract to them and say they might bring this show back. Word of advice to NBC: give up on The Apprentice already. Good grief, this is turning into yet another joke.

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