Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Is it just me, but is the American Idol finale the most boring two hours on television?

At least the Survivor finale is truly exciting every year-- it has a Super Bowl quality to it. But this is the Pro Bowl. They bring back all these losers and past winners, and they sing these boring songs. To top it all off, we all knew who the winner of American Idol was going to be because that poll tracker was dead-on in predicting Jordin would win. The only fun comes from reading the boards of those hilarious people over at Vote for the Worst.

In other news, tomorrow the summer junk programming season begins, because So You Think You Can Dance is back. Woo hoo. And Hell's Kitchen is coming back, too. Good grief.

And On the Lot is a flop. Stick to making films, Mr. Spielberg. Reality TV is not for you--- or for that matter, for the rest of us. Agree with Tom Shales here that this show is booooooooring. Variety calls it "ill-conceived".

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