Thursday, May 31, 2007


It is still my contention that the reason why Major League Baseball is still in business (steroids and all) is entirely due to the fact that the folks in TV land keep mailing it in during the summertime. If it wasn't for all the junk on the air during the summer, baseball would be out of business-- for sure.

The summer season is on and CBS is serving up tonight a new reality series from Mark Burnett called Pirate Master. It's sixteen idiots pretending to be pirates for 13 weeks.

What the heck's gotten into Mark Burnett these days? I mean, reality television is basically all garbage anyway, but at least this guy used to try and do good work and raise the bar for everyone else. Basically he's gone all formulaic and he's copying everyone else-- including himself. The novelty of watching a Mark Burnett show is gone these days. But to be fair, this Pirate Master effort can't be any worse than National Bingo Night on ABC. That's right, network TV really is airing bingo on Friday nights.

And people wonder why YouTube is popular.

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