Thursday, April 26, 2007


I am in a sports-minded mood these days (what with my interest this week in NFL cheerleaders and all that) and thought I would get serious and post a link to some more fun sports-fan-type stuff. Such as CBC's Stanley Cup page.

CBC has been doing a great thing. They are streaming pre-and-post game shows on the Internet complete with press conferences and the like. And they are streaming live all the games that the CBC is carrying in the playoffs, over the Net. So expect plenty of coverage of the two Canadian teams remaining, Ottawa and Vancouver. This is fun stuff for all hockey fans and I am sure all these people stuck in office buildings late at night appreciate having access to NHL games on their computers. You can see the live streams of games here.

Unfortunately for all our international friends the streams are only available in Canada. Only in Canada, eh? Pity.

(Pictured: Martin Brodeur, who leads the New Jersey Devils against Ottawa tonight in round 2.)

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