Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The campaigns to save your favorite TV shows continue unabated.

USA TODAY's Gary Levin put out its list of shows that are either renewed, on the bubble or comatose. There's a full list of them so check it out. Most tellingly, the guy claimed that Veronica Mars is definitely "cancelled" by the CW-- which sort of contradicts the line of bull E! is telling you about how Veronica might be back as an FBI agent. Maybe this is just a case of network people allowing Rob Thomas to pitch the "Veronica as an FBI agent" idea, just to stay in his good graces in case he comes up with a different show they might be interested in later. That's my theory anyway. From what I see Veronica looks like a show that is doomed, it's always getting bumped and preempted because of its dismal ratings.

The other thing I glean from the article is that Law and Order is really on the bubble and I hate to read stories like that. Earlier this season I was convinced the show had turned it around and was safe. But lately I don't feel confident at all, because the ratings are terrible. I also notice Ghost Whisperer is considered on the bubble, which is rather surprising because so many guys claim to have a big crush on that sweetie Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well, they aren't watching her show, that's for sure.

Also, this guy at USA Today has How I Met Your Mother as almost renewed, which is what I think ought to happen with that show to begin with. But other places say this show is more of a bubble show than people would like.

I've also heard rumors flying that Gilmore Girls might come back for an abbreviated 8th season that will wrap up the series. We'll see.


One show not mentioned at all was The Apprentice. But then, nobody cares about that show anyway anymore. Now, that's a show that deserves to be cancelled simply based on the lame episode we saw on Sunday. What the heck was that, having two teams of two filming commercials?! In the old days they would have these finalists put in charge of monster tasks that would test their mettle and drive them to the brink. That was great television! But this was just lame, what we saw on Sunday with these stupid Renuzit commercials, and these ads weren't even any good! If any show deserves to be cancelled it's this one, simply for not respecting its own fans. These fans on the fan boards are livid about the episode and how lame it was.

I heard, though, that NBC had renewed this piece of junk series through 2008, and that they made this deal a long time ago. If they really did, boy, did NBC ever get hosed. To quote Howie Mandel: "Donald, you made a really good deal." You made a lousy show, but it's still a good deal. Anyway, the finale for this wretched season in LA is this Sunday and it's only going to be an hour long, thank goodness.

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