Sunday, April 22, 2007


I thought I would use my forum known as THE CAIRNS BLOG to try and save the TV show Law & Order. There are a ton of articles out there about how this show is fighting for survival right now and how surprised Dick Wolf is that the show is even in this situation.

The Chicago Sun-Times ran an article calling for NBC to retain Law & Order. USA Today's Save Our Shows poll has Law and Order topping the list right now, followed closely by Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Clearly both shows need help but Law & Order the "mothership" needs it the most. NBC's programmer Kevin Reilly at least has good things to say about Criminal Intent, but seems on the fence on the original series.

The other problem is that NBC is deep into cost-cutting. They are getting rid of decent drama shows like Crossing Jordan and The Black Donnellys to make room for cheap junk all over the schedule. Game shows, reality shows--- a lot of rubbish. Worse, a lot of these folks at home like this stuff!!! If Americans make hits out of these junk series, that will only encourage these bozos at NBC to put more of these non-efforts on the air!

Here's what I propose people do. For starters, write and email NBC and try and get them to save the show. Tell them to save LAW & ORDER! For another, make sure you do NOT watch these new, cheap-junk programs that these guys are serving up. Don't watch them, do not download them from the NBC website, just do not go near them. NBC is going to show The Real Wedding Crashers tomorrow night, which is certain to be a lame piece of junk. But if it's a hit, it will be one less time slot on the schedule to fill, which will make it less likely that Law & Order will come back. So make sure you do not watch that show. If the general public makes hits out of junk shows like The Real Wedding Crashers, that will only encourage NBC to lower the boom on shows like Law & Order and we can't have that happen.

I know it's been 17 years and it's been a good run already, and I know the cast changes have sucked and all that. But I think there's still life in this series and all this show needs is a chance to turn it around. Then maybe it can break Gunsmoke's 20-season record! Move Law & Order to earlier in the week if you have to, but don't cancel it! How about Wednesdays at 10PM!!?


In related news here's an item about The Apprentice (airing its season finale tonight at 10PM on NBC) and how producer Mark Burnett is threatening to take this show to another network if NBC refuses to pick it up for another season. So I guess this show really wasn't renewed through 2008 after all. Anyway, if Burnett takes this show to another network, fine. That will be one more time slot available for NBC to keep on showing Law & Order.


ronni said...

I have signed various petitions and the usa today poll and written kevin reilly (president of nbc)but I cannot find an email address just for nbc, or jeff zucker (head of everything nbc) or marc graboff (west coast president). If anyone can help me out I will write the letters.

Diane said...

Whilst I may agree that without Jerry Orbach, and after 17 years, L & O may have run it's course, I'm in despair that NBC would even consider cutting C.I. and have signed several petitions to save it. NBC, bring it back you morons and treat it right!!! No more endless reruns between new episodes please. You're convincing me you are deliberately trying to sabotage it.....