Monday, April 23, 2007


Some more rants about stuff going on.


I finally saw Grindhouse. It really is too bad that this movie isn't getting more customers, though there seemed to be quite a few at the theater I was at. These folks out there who are sitting at home waiting for the DVD are really missing out. It was a great moviegoing experience, seeing these back-to-back flicks at the theater. Planet Terror was definitely more memorable than Death Proof, though the latter did have a happenin' soundtrack.

More importantly, recreating the whole grindhouse experience and paying tribute to it was well worth the effort. The fake trailers were just hilarious. In fact, they were better than those two movies which really says something. I noticed hot-looking B-movie actress Sybil Danning (pictured) was brought back for the Werewolf Women of the SS trailer. You know, she was really big during the 1980s, appearing in a lot of cheesy flicks, but then she suffered an injury that put her out of action and she's basically been gone from the scene for years. It's great to know that there are still filmmakers out there who remember her and love her enough to put her in this great movie Grindhouse. And you know what, she looked great. Sybil Danning rocks.

And they had Nicolas Cage as Fu Manchu in one of the trailers. Funny stuff. Too bad that the only people who seem to care about this movie are the die-hard film buffs. I guess if this movie had starred people who had been in the gossip columns then maybe it would have done better.

Watched my favorite TV film critic review show on the weekend. Or should I say, I watched the first few minutes before pressing the off button, again.

Guess who the "guest critic" was on Roeper Without Ebert this week. John Mellencamp. That's right. John Mellencamp.
Maybe they're trying to motivate Roger Ebert to get out of bed and back on the job. Anyway, this show is DYING. Get back to work, Ebert. Please.


A note to NBC: Please cancel The Apprentice, this show is too painful to watch.

Noticed a few articles on the TV blog threads stating how "over" The Apprentice show is. Television Without Pity seems to be ready to give this show the "PH" treatment (translation: the boot) and they are running a thread asking the dedicated TV fans to pinpoint the exact moment when this once-good series turned into a piece of junk (a Jump the Shark moment). For me, the turning point had to come when we all realized that this was a lame, gimmick-ridden television show with phony wannabe-actors on it, as opposed to a real show about business. I think this show slowly but surely lost credibility with the viewing public because of all kinds of questionable things that we saw happen on the show. Questionable firings, non-stop product placements, joke contestants who were kept on the show for no good reason, and the Donald's inconsistencies in his decision making. This stupid move to LA and this whole lousy season with the tents and the contrived romance on the show probably finished this series off. I would love to see this show cancelled as punishment for this debacle of a season. The ratings for last night's boring finale weren't so great, either.

For the first time I had a serious disagreement about the winner of the show. Last night they hired Stefani, even though she had never won as a project manager the entire season. In fact she never even bothered to put herself on the line as a PM and lead a task! Which was a smart move because all the rest of the people who "stepped up" to be project managers ended up fired, usually as soon as their teams lost! Which goes to show you that all that talk by Trump about showing "leadership" is just another line of bull. To get ahead in Trump's business world, you need to lie low and not get fired. If you do that, you can win The Apprentice!

What kind of message is that to send?!

To me it looks like Trump again rewarded poise and polish over rolling up your sleeves and putting your neck on the line. Which is why I am really rankled about last night's show. To me Stefani just seems like one of these workaholic automaton-type people. But sometimes business isn't about poise and polish, but about taking risks and making things happen. Which is why I think James got hosed and why a lot of other people who appeared on the show got hosed (Frankie, Kristine, even Surya). People who really worked their rear ends off and produced results got shafted bigtime.

But I'm not surprised, it's typical of this show. Trump's show has lost all credibility.


And finally Boris Yeltsin died today. You know, he may have been a lousy president of Russia, and that country was in chaos during the time he was in office. But at least his heart was in the right place when it came to freedom and democracy. And he loved to have a good time and put back a few drinks. Here's one of the more memorable pictures of him.

Sorry, couldn't find that one of him on the tanks.

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