Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, the Stanley Cup first round is winding down and that means fewer games for me to watch--- which means more time for me to finally switch the channel from the CBC to the good movies on the other stations.

Tonight, SPACE: The Imagination Station has been doing the Species marathon. Back-to-back Species I and II movies starring the terrific, popular-with-guys Natasha Henstridge (pictured). CRTC regulations require me to point out she is a Canadian.

I could watch this first Species movie over and over again, just to see Henstridge play that hilariously frisky alien. That movie really is a guilty pleasure of mine. In my view, Natasha Henstridge will never find a role that will ever top this one. This was her signature movie.

Still, having seen this movie again for the umpteenth time I gotta ask this question---

Why the heck did all these Oscar-winning actors allow themselves to be associated with this ridiculous piece of nonsense?! (Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker, etc.) What were they all smoking? It strikes me as curious that there would be such great A-list casting for an embarrassing, cheesy flick like this one. Natasha, I can understand: they needed a hot babe. But the rest?! Oh, and Marg "C.S.I." Helgenberger was in the movie, too. Not only that, she was in the crappy sequel.

Species is a fun movie to watch, but it just cannot be taken seriously at all. I guess these actors needed the money.

And over on TCM tonight they are running an Ed Wood marathon starting with the completely ridiculous, incompetently-done Plan 9 from Outer Space, which makes all the Species movies look like Citizen Kane.

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