Monday, April 02, 2007


Well, there is a saying in NCAA college basketball about a team being "on the bubble". This is usually a team that is borderline as to whether or not the selection committee will choose them to play in the NCAA tournament (which, by the way, wrapped up tonight with Florida smoking Ohio State again.)

Anyway, there are bubble teams, and there are bubble TV shows. These TV shows are ones that are in danger of being cancelled but no one knows for sure whether they are gone for good yet. Some of these series will not know their fates until the May "upfronts" when the networks announce the fall schedule. A bunch of shows are on the brink including Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars (again), One Tree Hill (again), Friday Night Lights, Six Degrees, any number of them. And one show, 7th Heaven, is already reportedly cancelled. Kristin Veitch over at E! has her annual Save One Show campaign going and there is a long list of potential goners on her poll over there.

One show that I am very surprised to find on the bubble is How I Met Your Mother. Apparently, the problem for this show is a lack of support from the powers that be at CBS. There was a blind item at TV Guide which did not refer to the show by name, but it hinted that a certain executive was reported to have trashed the show and called it "as funny as a root canal". Also, this show got passed over for a major promotion during the Super Bowl. They had hoped to air the show right after the big game was over to promote their series. Instead, that honor went to Criminal Minds. Anyway, the jist of the TV Guide piece was that he wanted people to realize there were no petitions going to save the show, nothing. Just a lot of complacency from fans who don't realize that this show is in trouble.

I would have thought this show would be renewed, no problem: it has an appealing cast (particularly that cute brunette TV-news chick i.m.o.), and a loyal following of fans. But it's not as if the fan base is as vocal as those of these CW shows, for example, nor is it as big as the Grey's Anatomy fandom. I suppose the main problem is that Dancing With the Stars is killing CBS on Monday nights right now and threatening this show's survival. The fact that Dancing With the Stars is doing so well boggles the mind of most devoted TV fans, who get so mad when dreck like that gets all the ratings. They can't believe that these awful, cheap-junk shows are threatening the survival of the good shows that the real TV fans watch!! I know these Veronica Mars fans are really upset that the lame-o Pussycat Dolls reality show has done well-- and they should be worried. If the CW renews Pussycat Dolls then Veronica is going to be cancelled!!!

Anyway, How I Met Your Mother is getting killed right now by reality TV on ABC. As well, Rules of Engagement is expected to get renewed and CBS may be ready to clear out the 9PM hour for yet another hour-procedural. If they do that How I Met Your Mother could be doomed. But I think cancelling this show would be a crazy decision. People are hooked on this show and I think there are plenty of people out there who still haven't discovered this series and who will like the show if they actually get a chance to see it.

Here's a petition to try and save How I Met Your Mother, and I offer this because I'm mad as heck and want to see decent sitcoms stay on the air. I don't want to see any more of these junk reality shows!
By the way The Bachelor came back tonight on ABC and all I will say is good luck to this Bachelor dude in dealing with all these crazy women on this ridiculous show. I used to think these were wannabe actresses but now I'm convinced that these dames are a bunch of psychos, many of them.

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WhatIGotSoFar said...

Thanks for the heads up about HIMYM. Rest assured I'll be signing the petition. I already have. I will also be helping to spread the word. Many of my friends watch the show as well.