Saturday, April 21, 2007



Well, I thought I would pass on some important breaking Apprentice news in time for Sunday's season finale. Kristine Lefebvre, the gorgeous blonde hottie who was fired in absolutely humiliating fashion by Donald Trump for putting a wrong number on one of the brochures a couple of weeks ago, has made the most of her Apprentice appearance by landing a sweet new gig. She is posing for Playboy in the June issue.

Actually, I'm kind of surprised because usually these Apprentice babes wind up in Maxim. But I guess Playboy wanted to get on the Apprentice bandwagon at least once before this show is cancelled. A little late to the game, eh, guys?!

Heck, they've done all the rest of the reality shows. Survivor, The Amazing Race, Joe Millionaire, Fear Factor, pretty much all of them. And these hot Playmates are all over reality TV. Wasn't Brande Roderick on The Surreal Life? And Playmate Shanna Moakler was on Dancing With the Stars! So was Kelly Monaco, who won the f*cking thing!!! Gorgeous Victoria Fuller has made a career out of going on reality TV shows, fighting with her husband Jonathan. So these Playmates are all over the place. On top of that, they produce their own reality piece of junk, The Girls Next Door, starring Hef's girlfriends!! This is about the only thing these reality shows are good for: these hotties from these trashy TV shows end up in Playboy.

In fact we shouldn't be too surprised that Kristine decided to pose. Kristine did a lot of legal work with Playboy in her job as an attorney, and she's represented Pam Anderson. And on top of that she is a former international model who once posed for Inside Sports Magazine's swimsuit issue. That's right, Kristine was a bikini swimsuit model. Don't let those glasses and her all-business demeanor on The Apprentice fool you: beneath that stern appearance and that business suit is a fun-loving total hottie.

It's obvious that the reason Kristine's doing this is to show the world what a hot woman she still is after surviving cancer and the radical operation she had to go through to beat it. Anyway, the best part about this is that Kristine is bound to have made more money in a few days of taking off her clothes on a photo shoot for Playboy, than she would have slaving away for a full year with these uptights in the Trump Organization. Kristine, you made a very good deal.

Now, aren't you sorry you fired Kristine, Mr. Trump?! Donald, you are a fool.

UPDATE: Another fun fact about Kristine: She once worked in the Arena Football League for, get this, the Miami Hooters! The Miami Hooters!!! I am not making this up.

You can't help but love this babe.

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