Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well, the campaign to keep Law & Order on the air continues and I am going to direct you to two interesting articles by Roger Friedman of Fox News, who seems very plugged in to the happenings over at Dick Wolf's shows. You can see his articles here and here. The items about Law and Order are way down the page.

Among the things we can glean from his observations:

- The schedule situation at NBC may actually help save the Law & Order series, as NBC has to figure out what to do to replace hour-long shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. As well, 30 Rock could be in trouble because of the brouhaha over Alec Baldwin's crazy dad-rant to his kid and all the backlash from that. At least with Law & Order you don't have any of that crazy nonsense going on over there.

- Dick Wolf is looking to slice some 50% of the budget from the series and from L&O: Criminal Intent in order for the shows to be renewed by NBC.

- Wolf has told insiders that he's going to dump Milena Govich (good move- the fans hate her, anyway) and Jesse L. Martin (WHAAAAAT!?) in order to cut costs and meet the new budgets. They would be replaced by cheaper actors.

- S. Epatha Merkerson is supposedly unhappy at the show with her airtime and all that, so she could leave the series too. (So what else is new; she was unhappy last year, too.)

- They fired producer Jamie Crowell Blank from the "mothership".

- Over at Criminal Intent they might fire Chris Noth (again) because he costs too much, and will keep Vincent D'Onofrio. Julianne Nicholson is not coming back due to her pregnancy.

Not mentioned was the Fred Thompson situation, but I guess he figures everyone knows about that anyway.

I look at all this and go what the $%#&?! I can understand getting rid of one of the cops, but both of them?! Including Jesse L.?! Come on. Maybe they will move Chris Noth back to the mothership instead? Doesn't sound like it, though. If S. Epatha Merkerson quits the show, too, you might as well stick the fork in.

Anyway, keep writing NBC and keep begging and pleading, it might do some good. Doesn't sound like this show is going to get better in a hurry, though, if this is what is going on.


Julia said...

I read your comments about Law and Order and i agree. I want them to stay on the air. My favorite is CI.

I have started a petition to help save these wonderful shows.

If you, or anyone wants to sign it go here and click on the link


VDOVault said...

It's really pretty dramatic stuff, what is going on in the negotiations renewals for CI and the mothership. I am also blogging it in greater gorier detail

The Vault