Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Larry Birkhead told the press "I told you so", today, but then again, Maury Povich could have stood up there and said the same thing.

Really, the only thing missing from today's big Anna Nicole paternity announcement in the Bahamas was Maury himself.

And Howard K. Stern sounds as if he is going to cooperate and look out for the best interests of Dannielynn, and hand her over to her real dad. Thank goodness, finally. Jean Casarez and the rest of the Court TV people can finally go home now. Same for the tabloid TV folks.

I just hope this is going to be the end of the stories on ET now. I'm sick and tired of tuning in ET every day and seeing some lame Anna Nicole Smith story heading up the news all the time. The main drama seems to be over, anyway, although the estate and Anna Nicole's vast fortune is still up in the air and a big mess. Stern wants to sue people for defamation now. Who cares about that. ET ought to give up already and go back to chasing Brad and Angelina, or something.

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