Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Found out there's going to be a trade show in town where some members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are meant to show up. So hopefully I might get a chance to meet these gorgeous women later this week and get their autograph.

These babes have this big reputation for being sweet, wholesome and all-American. I wonder why.

It's got to be something subtle--- like those tied-up blouses they wear. Those long sleeves are bound to make these women look demure and extra-adorable in their cute hotpants.

(Boy is this blog ever turning into an issue of MAXIM. Sorry for being so self-indulgent... I can't help it, I really like girls. Especially girls from Texas.)

(UPDATE: RATS, they aren't coming after all, they'll be at a different event in two weeks. Oh well, some other time then.)

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Bruce Buzz said...

Great pictures. This is probably the best blog I have seen about the Cowboy Cheerleaders. Thanks.