Saturday, April 14, 2007


It's Saturday, and the big brouhaha this week is about how hockey fans in Canada got their Saturday night ruined because the NHL moved the Ottawa-Pittsburgh game to afternoon to accomodate the folks over at NBC.

Honestly, who cares. The good news is we'll get a good game to watch during the afternoon, for a change. And that will leave the evening free and clear to watch movies, or chase girls, or do any number of other more important things. So the NHL actually did people a favor by switching this game to the afternoon! Whining about afternoon hockey games seems like a typical no-lives type of thing to do if you are a Canadian.

Besides, there's still a hockey game on. Tampa Bay and New Jersey are playing, and so are the Islanders and Buffalo! Besides, these whining Canadians should be glad that the Ottawa Senators are being showcased on TV in the USA on NBC, it's good publicity.

Wait a minute, the league is actually wanting to showcase Sidney Crosby, they don't really care about Ottawa at all. Never mind, then.

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