Monday, April 16, 2007



Well, the ambitious Robert Rodriguez/ Quentin Tarantino hyped-up double feature effort Grindhouse has turned into one MASSIVE flop. Last week it opened at a pathetic number 4 and this week it nearly dropped right out of the Top Ten. Down the tubes, just like Snakes on a Plane. Too bad.

Meanwhile articles about the Weinstein Company and the bath they took on this movie are circulating. There's talk out there now of splitting this movie up in two and releasing Planet Terror and Death Proof on their own, which is just wrong, people. They need to create the Grindhouse experience for everyone to experience, with the missing reels and the fake trailers and so on. But nobody out there wants to see this movie, or even realizes this effort is pretty deserving of some sort of patronage at the theaters! Heck, this movie is getting good reviews, especially for Planet Terror. Tarantino's movie, maybe not so much. Still, these guys were trying to do something daring, something creative! But the public doesn't want it. Maybe they were scared off by the violence. Who knows.

I tend to side with the people who worry that this is going to create a chilling effect for Hollywood and put the brakes on any movie efforts that have any semblance of creativity or edginess. You can't blame the studios for what went down with Grindhouse, they at least tried their best. And you can't blame the directors.

Instead, blame the usual suspects again--- the boring people who live in middle America who prefer to see stupid kids flicks and insipid stuff instead of real efforts at making movies.

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