Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The firestorm over Don Imus' tasteless, racist joke-comments, trashing the Rutgers women's basketball team have created such a brouhaha that it appears he could well get the boot pretty soon.

Already he has been suspended for 2 weeks by MSNBC and by CBS Radio. Imus plans to sit down with the Rutgers team to do his groveling act, which he has been doing already now for the past couple of days. Meanwhile, black leaders are going on CNN every day to trash him and his show.

You know, I feel bad for Imus because I liked his show, but this nitwit deserves what he is getting for putting his foot in his mouth in such a big way. I would have thought, though, that it would be a guy like Howard Stern who would go do something completely idiotic like this, blowing himself up, because Stern is as unrestrained as they come. But Stern is more concerned about sex and girls, and oddly enough you can get into less trouble talking about stuff like that. You can get fined, but at least you don't get fired. But this racial stuff can really burn you and get you in far worse trouble. Heck, look at Michael Richards not too long ago, using the "N" word. The fact is Imus is in big trouble and I really don't know if he can survive this. He is going to need some people in the black community to say some nice things about how repentant he is and how much good work he has done for people with the Imus Ranch and all that. If not, he's toast. Personally, I think he's doomed. Al Sharpton totally hates Imus right now and all these black leaders I see on TV are out for blood.

I think it's going to be a matter of time before the sponsors drop his show. Imus relies on these bigshot politicians and news-type people and if they start spurning his show he is definitely finished. And what about his flagship radio station, WFAN?! They're an all-sports station and a lot of their reporters have to do interviews and book guests from Rutgers University's various sports programs. If any of these Rutgers folks start boycotting WFAN, well, they won't be too happy about that, either and will dump his show pretty quickly.

Look on the bright side. If Imus ends up getting fired, WFAN will finally be able to do all-sports 24 hours a day--- instead of having to hand over all of their loyal sports listeners to ESPN 1050 every morning during the Imus show.

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