Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, instead of spending my Sunday evenings shaking my head in disgust at the Donald and his lousy show (good riddance), now I am wasting my time watching Entourage. Much better entertainment in my book. In fact, it's become one of my favorite shows.

Here's some news from die-hard Veronica Mars fan Kristin Veitch about tonight's show. She calls tonight's episode so hot that it will "scorch your retinas." It seems Vince (Adrian Grenier) sexes it up with his new agent Amanda, played by Carla Gugino. Good, maybe she'll get naked. (UPDATE: "Scorch your retinas", my foot. I've seen hotter elsewhere. Kristin Veitch, you're fired.)

It always seems like there is one big episode during the run of the season where some big love scene happens on the show. Last year it was E having that big threesome with girlfriend Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and a hot blonde (played by Malin Akerman). And darnet, it's one of the very few episodes of Entourage that I have not seen yet, so I don't know whether all the hype about it was true or not. I do know this--- a lot went down on that episode, what with Aquaman 2 blowing up in Vince's face and all that, so I'll have to see it some time just to fill in the blanks. Maybe tonight will be another one of those good episode nights.

And it should be fun to see what the ex-agent is up to to try and win Vince back. It's utterly hilarious seeing Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) losing his marbles over being fired by Vince. Last week's episode was classic, with Ari melting down and seeming turning into a sensitive human being! And his marriage counsellor was telling him this was an improvement, that he was changing for the better! Those comments were all Ari needed to go back to being his normal self, and he stormed into his office and proceeded to go nuts and do the "you're fired" routine to some poor dude. It was hilarious. Ari looks as if he has his mojo back. Seeing Ari react is the reason to keep tuning into this show. This guy is a riot.

I gotta say this is one of the very few shows on TV that guys can feel they are watching a guy's show. You look at the rest of this crap on TV, what with Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls, and all this other stuff (The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll!). You get the feeling these TV networks don't want to cater to guys anymore. But at least you can watch this Entourage show as a guy and say, OK.

I know there are probably women out there who will trash this show and say it's sexist or something, just because it appeals to guys. Hey, you women all have too many of your own TV shows! Don't go ripping our stuff that we watch!! Besides, you don't see these guys cheating on their women all the time on this show. I know that E cheated on some girl he was seeing one time and made out with a Perfect 10 model, but that was because his girl was cheating on him, so he was getting back at her! And you can tell he loves his current girlfriend Sloan, but things are getting in the way of that relationship, too. These guys try and have meaningful relationships, but these women sometimes take their hearts and feed them to the cats! Even Ari tries to be loyal to his wife, Mrs. Ari. And that relationship always seems to be on the rocks every week. Anyway, lay off these guys! Besides, that's what's so great on the show, you don't see a lot of cheating going on by the main characters. So the relationships tend to be more realistic.

We guys need our entertainment now more than ever, what with The Sopranos going off the air soon and Law & Order possibly being cancelled. What else is there for guys on TV other than sports? My Name is Earl? The Best Damn Sports Show, Period?! How about Guy Stuff with John Moore?! You get the picture.

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