Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are back again (everywhere except Montreal and Toronto anyway), and that is good news for us fans, because we are going to get plenty of Don Cherry on TV on CBC.

In fact Cherry just got an additional new gig. He will appear on NBC during their hockey broadcasts on the weekends.

You know, good for NBC that they are taking Cherry on. They really are trying to do a good job with their hockey broadcasts and trying to make it entertaining for the fans. I think Cherry adds a lot to NBC, for sure. NBC already has Brett Hull doing his best to spout off all the time, too, so that's all good. In fact the CBC looks like it will bring Hull up here for some stuff. Great.

This is good news and should help the hockey TV ratings--- though I think they need to do additional things to shore up the ratings down there in the USA.

Such as: add more babes.

(Pictured: Erin Andrews.)

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