Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well, Catherine Crier's TV show on Court TV, Crier Live, has been given the boot. "Nooooooooo!" Actually, I never watched the show, but this is really bad news, again, for Court TV fans. That whole channel is being handed over to reality TV and the courtroom talk stuff is going to make up a smaller portion of the coverage. Plus, they are changing the name of the channel. As a Court TV fan I am not amused.

The courtroom coverage is going to increasingly be handed over to these foolish loud commentators like Nancy Grace and Star Jones Reynolds. Star is coming back to host a show on whatever this place plans to call itself. Crier might as well leave this sinking ship.

So what is next for Crier? Her contract is up after all. I have an idea! Catherine Crier used to be a judge in Texas before she got into TV (no joke). Now is the perfect time to strike it rich and put on one of these syndicated judge shows on TV, like Judge Judy and everyone else. I can see it now. "Crier's Court"! Or how about this: "Judge Cathy"?!

Of course, she will probably have to also compete with Judge Larry Seidlin, of Anna Nicole fame, assuming he is able to ever get his own show off the ground.


In other cancellation news, I notice the comedy Andy Barker P.I. has been given the boot, and that's really too bad because a lot of people liked the show. But the people at NBC sure didn't give it much of a chance. So it ranks as another flop for Andy Richter.

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