Thursday, April 12, 2007


Don Imus' radio show is over. CBS Radio station WFAN has just announced it has fired Imus.

I dunno, but I think Imus' most recent feuding with Al Sharpton may have had something to do with it, too. Imus was going after Sharpton for lambasting those Duke lacrosse players who were accused in that rape case. But that's a whole different situation, Sharpton wasn't using racial epithets or any of that.

There is going to be more and more talk on the radio about this situation. I was listening to these talk radio stations and they were all talking about Don Imus, largely because he's a giant in the radio business and had an influential show. I kind of worry this is going to usher in a new round of political correctness, though. That's not excusing Don Imus' comments or any of that. I just worry the language police are going to be back in force. And these rappers are going to be scrutinized for their language, too, now. Anyway, that's a whole other issue.

Anyway check out They should have more about this big news over there. Like I say, now they can go all-sports 24 hours a day.

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