Thursday, April 19, 2007


The new season of the legal office comedy Billable Hours airs this Sunday at 9:30 ET on Showcase (the network that brings you Trailer Park Boys and plenty of other home-made shows, keeping Canadian talent in business) . They brought in a new showrunner Frank van Keeken who plans to make this show even darker and edgier than it was before.

Heck it was depressing enough before! Working in a law firm is enough to drive anyone mad. That's the whole point of the show, to show how boring and awful life is in these law firms. Maybe they should have a storyline where the firm votes to wind itself up and tosses everyone on the street. Heck, that's what's happening, for real, at Goodman and Carr.

Anyway, check out that story on the show. Apparently they're thinking about season 3 already.

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