Tuesday, April 03, 2007


What the heck?! Just one day after I post about shows facing the axe, I find out four shows got the axe in one day: 7th Heaven, The Black Donnellys, Wedding Bells and Six Degrees.

Six Degrees was on the E! "Save One Show" list. Well, so much for that effort. Anyway, The Black Donnellys was a Paul Haggis effort so everyone in Canada will be sad about seeing poor Paul Haggis out of work, but don't worry, he'll find something else.

In TV news news, Jeff Greenfield has left CNN for CBS News, and just in time, too, because he could have been shot today. Actually, anyone at CNN could have been shot today. There was a shooting in the lobby of CNN Center and at least one person was killed. So CNN went wild covering itself today. They even interviewed Nicole Lapin who was freaked out because the shooting happened near her workspace!!

Come to think of it, Jeff Greenfield wouldn't have been in the line of fire today anyway--- I think he's based in New York, not Atlanta. Anyway, he's going to CBS to work for ex-boss Rick Kaplan and try and help save Katie Couric's dismal newscast. I say good for CBS for picking Greenfield up. He knows plenty about politics and this is a boost for their election coverage over there.

In other CNN news, both the O'Briens reportedly got the hook from the morning show over there. Soledad O'Brien and Miles O'Brien are going to be reassigned and replaced by John Roberts and Kiran Chetry. The move is said to be prompted by stinking ratings for the morning news. By the way, CRTC regulations compel me to say that John Roberts is a Canadian.

All I gotta about Kiran Chetry's new gig is way to go. Your agent did quite the job: you got the morning show host job you always wanted, the one FOX News refused to give you. You should give your agent a big hug. "Hug it out, bitch!!!"---direct quote from Ari Gold.

Who cares if you had to give Soledad the knife to get your gig--- bet she likes you a lot, now, eh?! You know, this just doesn't seem right, does it, when good people get the shaft like this? Well, this is typical CNN as far as I'm concerned, rearranging the furniture and trashing people again. They better have a good assignment in store for Soledad O'Brien, or else. If I were Soledad O'Brien I'd quit.

John Seigenthaler has left the anchor chair of the weekend NBC Nightly News--- a victim of that fancy NBC 2.o bloodbath that is going on. And finally, read on TVNewser that Paula Zahn is getting divorced. Who cares about that.

Finally, we still don't know who the father of Anna Nicole's kid is yet. But that isn't stopping ET from going hog wild on the story yet again, even though nothing is happening today.

That's all for right now.

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WhatIGotSoFar said...

CNN's finally getting the O'Briens off AM. Bout time!

Any word on bringing back Tucker Carlson vs Paul Begali? I am so jonesing for some Crossfire.