Friday, April 27, 2007


(Pictured: A very confused-looking Kate Beckinsale. "What?!")

Well, it turns out that those Kate Beckinsale as Barbarella rumors are exactly that, a pack of lies probably stirred up by press people and drooling guys who want her in the role. Kate's response to the word that she was being considered for Barbarella can be summed up in one word: "huh?!"

Mind you, she seems quite amused by the whole idea. But Rotten Tomatoes speculates that this was just a piece of gossip "adored by every straight movie geek in the universe." Well, it is true that Kate is adored by straight movie geeks. But that doesn't mean she's getting this part. Wasn't she supposed to be up for Wonder Woman, too? And didn't she turn it down?

It almost seems as if Kate doesn't want any role in a movie that might be a big hit or popular with guys. I think she might want a serious career a la Kate Winslet or someone like that. I really don't think she likes being drooled over, she's got too much class.

Oh well, forget Kate, then. Hey, Sienna, the coolest role you'll ever have is there if you want it.

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