Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, instead of spending my Sunday evenings shaking my head in disgust at the Donald and his lousy show (good riddance), now I am wasting my time watching Entourage. Much better entertainment in my book. In fact, it's become one of my favorite shows.

Here's some news from die-hard Veronica Mars fan Kristin Veitch about tonight's show. She calls tonight's episode so hot that it will "scorch your retinas." It seems Vince (Adrian Grenier) sexes it up with his new agent Amanda, played by Carla Gugino. Good, maybe she'll get naked. (UPDATE: "Scorch your retinas", my foot. I've seen hotter elsewhere. Kristin Veitch, you're fired.)

It always seems like there is one big episode during the run of the season where some big love scene happens on the show. Last year it was E having that big threesome with girlfriend Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and a hot blonde (played by Malin Akerman). And darnet, it's one of the very few episodes of Entourage that I have not seen yet, so I don't know whether all the hype about it was true or not. I do know this--- a lot went down on that episode, what with Aquaman 2 blowing up in Vince's face and all that, so I'll have to see it some time just to fill in the blanks. Maybe tonight will be another one of those good episode nights.

And it should be fun to see what the ex-agent is up to to try and win Vince back. It's utterly hilarious seeing Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) losing his marbles over being fired by Vince. Last week's episode was classic, with Ari melting down and seeming turning into a sensitive human being! And his marriage counsellor was telling him this was an improvement, that he was changing for the better! Those comments were all Ari needed to go back to being his normal self, and he stormed into his office and proceeded to go nuts and do the "you're fired" routine to some poor dude. It was hilarious. Ari looks as if he has his mojo back. Seeing Ari react is the reason to keep tuning into this show. This guy is a riot.

I gotta say this is one of the very few shows on TV that guys can feel they are watching a guy's show. You look at the rest of this crap on TV, what with Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls, and all this other stuff (The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll!). You get the feeling these TV networks don't want to cater to guys anymore. But at least you can watch this Entourage show as a guy and say, OK.

I know there are probably women out there who will trash this show and say it's sexist or something, just because it appeals to guys. Hey, you women all have too many of your own TV shows! Don't go ripping our stuff that we watch!! Besides, you don't see these guys cheating on their women all the time on this show. I know that E cheated on some girl he was seeing one time and made out with a Perfect 10 model, but that was because his girl was cheating on him, so he was getting back at her! And you can tell he loves his current girlfriend Sloan, but things are getting in the way of that relationship, too. These guys try and have meaningful relationships, but these women sometimes take their hearts and feed them to the cats! Even Ari tries to be loyal to his wife, Mrs. Ari. And that relationship always seems to be on the rocks every week. Anyway, lay off these guys! Besides, that's what's so great on the show, you don't see a lot of cheating going on by the main characters. So the relationships tend to be more realistic.

We guys need our entertainment now more than ever, what with The Sopranos going off the air soon and Law & Order possibly being cancelled. What else is there for guys on TV other than sports? My Name is Earl? The Best Damn Sports Show, Period?! How about Guy Stuff with John Moore?! You get the picture.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Thought I'd remind you today is the greatest sports day of the year. All the main sports are on the go, including football. Yes, football. The NFL Draft is today and it should be interesting to see how these big agents react. As of now the Oakland Raiders are on the clock at No. 1.

And when you get done watching that you can always tune in to Arena Football. Or NFL Europe, otherwise known as the German Football League. Life is good.

(Sorry, no more pictures of cheerleaders.)

(Okay, just one more-- of the beautiful and leggy sports broadcaster Bonnie-Jill Laflin. She's a babe!)

(Fun fact for guys: Bonnie-Jill is one of the very few Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders --and San Fran 49er cheerleaders for that matter--- to ever pose nude for Playboy. Oh, and now you say you're interested in her?! Too late.)

Friday, April 27, 2007


(Pictured: A very confused-looking Kate Beckinsale. "What?!")

Well, it turns out that those Kate Beckinsale as Barbarella rumors are exactly that, a pack of lies probably stirred up by press people and drooling guys who want her in the role. Kate's response to the word that she was being considered for Barbarella can be summed up in one word: "huh?!"

Mind you, she seems quite amused by the whole idea. But Rotten Tomatoes speculates that this was just a piece of gossip "adored by every straight movie geek in the universe." Well, it is true that Kate is adored by straight movie geeks. But that doesn't mean she's getting this part. Wasn't she supposed to be up for Wonder Woman, too? And didn't she turn it down?

It almost seems as if Kate doesn't want any role in a movie that might be a big hit or popular with guys. I think she might want a serious career a la Kate Winslet or someone like that. I really don't think she likes being drooled over, she's got too much class.

Oh well, forget Kate, then. Hey, Sienna, the coolest role you'll ever have is there if you want it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I am in a sports-minded mood these days (what with my interest this week in NFL cheerleaders and all that) and thought I would get serious and post a link to some more fun sports-fan-type stuff. Such as CBC's Stanley Cup page.

CBC has been doing a great thing. They are streaming pre-and-post game shows on the Internet complete with press conferences and the like. And they are streaming live all the games that the CBC is carrying in the playoffs, over the Net. So expect plenty of coverage of the two Canadian teams remaining, Ottawa and Vancouver. This is fun stuff for all hockey fans and I am sure all these people stuck in office buildings late at night appreciate having access to NHL games on their computers. You can see the live streams of games here.

Unfortunately for all our international friends the streams are only available in Canada. Only in Canada, eh? Pity.

(Pictured: Martin Brodeur, who leads the New Jersey Devils against Ottawa tonight in round 2.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is the last thing we TV fans need:

(Courtesy, LA TIMES:)
Anticipating a possible walkout, networks and studio executives are starting to take steps to keep production pipelines flowing. The contingency plans include pushing up shooting schedules, ordering more reality TV programs and renegotiating with writers to turn in their film scripts earlier than usual...

Guild leaders have alleged that studios are trying to scare writers by suggesting they are stockpiling scripts and shows. There has been little evidence of a large-scale stockpiling like there was in 2001, when fear of strikes by actors and writers caused a major acceleration of production.

Get ready for lots more unscripted reality TV featuring the likes of Tucker Carlson, the Pussycat Dolls and other jokers.

These writers had better watch it: they might not be missed. By the numbskulls who live in middle America, that is.


Darnet. Found out the Cowboys cheerleaders aren't going to be here this weekend, but are planning to show up in a couple of weeks time elsewhere.

You know, I shouldn't be crazy about cheerleaders. I keep on saying that cheerleaders are a distraction at the games, and take away from the action, and that we should forget about cheap thrills and concentrate on the violence on the field instead. I have a lot of respect for these teams that refuse to have cheerleading squads and dance teams (ie. the Steelers, the Browns, the Lions), who just concentrate on the real action. Oh, to heck with that, I want to see hot women kicking it up!

I was hoping I would find out directly from these Dallas cheerleaders whether all the rumors were true--- whether they were really as wholesome and God-fearing as they all say they are.

Because as we know, not all NFL cheerleaders are wholesome and demure. (Hee hee hee.)

(Just having fun, you uptight Panthers fans.)



I almost feel sorry for this poor dame Katie Couric. She can never catch a break.

You know, she is getting trashed in print all the time. The National Enquirer has been trashing her and putting her on the front page, accusing her of being a cougar (seeing a younger boyfriend) and of yelling at subordinates on the set. The usual uptight-anchor kind of stuff. I don't know what to make of this stuff-- it's probably a pack of lies, but she could really be stressed out. And who really cares if Katie Couric dates younger guys. It might even be a good thing. Maybe having a hot cougar love life will perk her up and she'll quit yelling at people on the set. (Just kidding.)

What a bunch of nonsense. There are supposed sources inside CBS saying what a big flop her tenure is. They call her an "unfixable" mistake. One is quoted as saying: "it's a disaster. Everybody knows it's not working. CBS may not cut her loose, but I guarantee you, somebody's thinking about it. We're all hunkered down, waiting for the other shoe to drop." Now people out there are suggesting that the source quoted inside CBS might be Bob Schieffer himself. Which is surprising to me, because he was a big supporter of Katie coming over to begin with. At least, that's what he told the press! When it rains, it pours, so it seems. Times are bad, and it's all got nothing to do with the newscast anymore and the quality of the production. Instead, it's all due to these stinking awful ratings Katie is getting.

What's really scary is that this is a really bad time to be a high-profile person in the media. Don Imus put his foot in it and just like that, he got the boot. And Rosie O'Donnell is out too. All that needs to happen is for one big crisis to happen to CBS News (ie. some story airs that turns out to be phony again, or something) and Katie will get the boot. What Katie absolutely has to do right now is lie low and do her job. All that stands in the way of her dismissal is some innocuous comment Katie might make about some stupid thing to the press, and people will move to get rid of her.

You watch. This poor woman is on thin ice.


Our long national nightmare is over.

Not a good month to be a host with a big mouth.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well, the campaign to keep Law & Order on the air continues and I am going to direct you to two interesting articles by Roger Friedman of Fox News, who seems very plugged in to the happenings over at Dick Wolf's shows. You can see his articles here and here. The items about Law and Order are way down the page.

Among the things we can glean from his observations:

- The schedule situation at NBC may actually help save the Law & Order series, as NBC has to figure out what to do to replace hour-long shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. As well, 30 Rock could be in trouble because of the brouhaha over Alec Baldwin's crazy dad-rant to his kid and all the backlash from that. At least with Law & Order you don't have any of that crazy nonsense going on over there.

- Dick Wolf is looking to slice some 50% of the budget from the series and from L&O: Criminal Intent in order for the shows to be renewed by NBC.

- Wolf has told insiders that he's going to dump Milena Govich (good move- the fans hate her, anyway) and Jesse L. Martin (WHAAAAAT!?) in order to cut costs and meet the new budgets. They would be replaced by cheaper actors.

- S. Epatha Merkerson is supposedly unhappy at the show with her airtime and all that, so she could leave the series too. (So what else is new; she was unhappy last year, too.)

- They fired producer Jamie Crowell Blank from the "mothership".

- Over at Criminal Intent they might fire Chris Noth (again) because he costs too much, and will keep Vincent D'Onofrio. Julianne Nicholson is not coming back due to her pregnancy.

Not mentioned was the Fred Thompson situation, but I guess he figures everyone knows about that anyway.

I look at all this and go what the $%#&?! I can understand getting rid of one of the cops, but both of them?! Including Jesse L.?! Come on. Maybe they will move Chris Noth back to the mothership instead? Doesn't sound like it, though. If S. Epatha Merkerson quits the show, too, you might as well stick the fork in.

Anyway, keep writing NBC and keep begging and pleading, it might do some good. Doesn't sound like this show is going to get better in a hurry, though, if this is what is going on.


Found out there's going to be a trade show in town where some members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are meant to show up. So hopefully I might get a chance to meet these gorgeous women later this week and get their autograph.

These babes have this big reputation for being sweet, wholesome and all-American. I wonder why.

It's got to be something subtle--- like those tied-up blouses they wear. Those long sleeves are bound to make these women look demure and extra-adorable in their cute hotpants.

(Boy is this blog ever turning into an issue of MAXIM. Sorry for being so self-indulgent... I can't help it, I really like girls. Especially girls from Texas.)

(UPDATE: RATS, they aren't coming after all, they'll be at a different event in two weeks. Oh well, some other time then.)

Monday, April 23, 2007


Some more rants about stuff going on.


I finally saw Grindhouse. It really is too bad that this movie isn't getting more customers, though there seemed to be quite a few at the theater I was at. These folks out there who are sitting at home waiting for the DVD are really missing out. It was a great moviegoing experience, seeing these back-to-back flicks at the theater. Planet Terror was definitely more memorable than Death Proof, though the latter did have a happenin' soundtrack.

More importantly, recreating the whole grindhouse experience and paying tribute to it was well worth the effort. The fake trailers were just hilarious. In fact, they were better than those two movies which really says something. I noticed hot-looking B-movie actress Sybil Danning (pictured) was brought back for the Werewolf Women of the SS trailer. You know, she was really big during the 1980s, appearing in a lot of cheesy flicks, but then she suffered an injury that put her out of action and she's basically been gone from the scene for years. It's great to know that there are still filmmakers out there who remember her and love her enough to put her in this great movie Grindhouse. And you know what, she looked great. Sybil Danning rocks.

And they had Nicolas Cage as Fu Manchu in one of the trailers. Funny stuff. Too bad that the only people who seem to care about this movie are the die-hard film buffs. I guess if this movie had starred people who had been in the gossip columns then maybe it would have done better.

Watched my favorite TV film critic review show on the weekend. Or should I say, I watched the first few minutes before pressing the off button, again.

Guess who the "guest critic" was on Roeper Without Ebert this week. John Mellencamp. That's right. John Mellencamp.
Maybe they're trying to motivate Roger Ebert to get out of bed and back on the job. Anyway, this show is DYING. Get back to work, Ebert. Please.


A note to NBC: Please cancel The Apprentice, this show is too painful to watch.

Noticed a few articles on the TV blog threads stating how "over" The Apprentice show is. Television Without Pity seems to be ready to give this show the "PH" treatment (translation: the boot) and they are running a thread asking the dedicated TV fans to pinpoint the exact moment when this once-good series turned into a piece of junk (a Jump the Shark moment). For me, the turning point had to come when we all realized that this was a lame, gimmick-ridden television show with phony wannabe-actors on it, as opposed to a real show about business. I think this show slowly but surely lost credibility with the viewing public because of all kinds of questionable things that we saw happen on the show. Questionable firings, non-stop product placements, joke contestants who were kept on the show for no good reason, and the Donald's inconsistencies in his decision making. This stupid move to LA and this whole lousy season with the tents and the contrived romance on the show probably finished this series off. I would love to see this show cancelled as punishment for this debacle of a season. The ratings for last night's boring finale weren't so great, either.

For the first time I had a serious disagreement about the winner of the show. Last night they hired Stefani, even though she had never won as a project manager the entire season. In fact she never even bothered to put herself on the line as a PM and lead a task! Which was a smart move because all the rest of the people who "stepped up" to be project managers ended up fired, usually as soon as their teams lost! Which goes to show you that all that talk by Trump about showing "leadership" is just another line of bull. To get ahead in Trump's business world, you need to lie low and not get fired. If you do that, you can win The Apprentice!

What kind of message is that to send?!

To me it looks like Trump again rewarded poise and polish over rolling up your sleeves and putting your neck on the line. Which is why I am really rankled about last night's show. To me Stefani just seems like one of these workaholic automaton-type people. But sometimes business isn't about poise and polish, but about taking risks and making things happen. Which is why I think James got hosed and why a lot of other people who appeared on the show got hosed (Frankie, Kristine, even Surya). People who really worked their rear ends off and produced results got shafted bigtime.

But I'm not surprised, it's typical of this show. Trump's show has lost all credibility.


And finally Boris Yeltsin died today. You know, he may have been a lousy president of Russia, and that country was in chaos during the time he was in office. But at least his heart was in the right place when it came to freedom and democracy. And he loved to have a good time and put back a few drinks. Here's one of the more memorable pictures of him.

Sorry, couldn't find that one of him on the tanks.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I thought I would use my forum known as THE CAIRNS BLOG to try and save the TV show Law & Order. There are a ton of articles out there about how this show is fighting for survival right now and how surprised Dick Wolf is that the show is even in this situation.

The Chicago Sun-Times ran an article calling for NBC to retain Law & Order. USA Today's Save Our Shows poll has Law and Order topping the list right now, followed closely by Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Clearly both shows need help but Law & Order the "mothership" needs it the most. NBC's programmer Kevin Reilly at least has good things to say about Criminal Intent, but seems on the fence on the original series.

The other problem is that NBC is deep into cost-cutting. They are getting rid of decent drama shows like Crossing Jordan and The Black Donnellys to make room for cheap junk all over the schedule. Game shows, reality shows--- a lot of rubbish. Worse, a lot of these folks at home like this stuff!!! If Americans make hits out of these junk series, that will only encourage these bozos at NBC to put more of these non-efforts on the air!

Here's what I propose people do. For starters, write and email NBC and try and get them to save the show. Tell them to save LAW & ORDER! For another, make sure you do NOT watch these new, cheap-junk programs that these guys are serving up. Don't watch them, do not download them from the NBC website, just do not go near them. NBC is going to show The Real Wedding Crashers tomorrow night, which is certain to be a lame piece of junk. But if it's a hit, it will be one less time slot on the schedule to fill, which will make it less likely that Law & Order will come back. So make sure you do not watch that show. If the general public makes hits out of junk shows like The Real Wedding Crashers, that will only encourage NBC to lower the boom on shows like Law & Order and we can't have that happen.

I know it's been 17 years and it's been a good run already, and I know the cast changes have sucked and all that. But I think there's still life in this series and all this show needs is a chance to turn it around. Then maybe it can break Gunsmoke's 20-season record! Move Law & Order to earlier in the week if you have to, but don't cancel it! How about Wednesdays at 10PM!!?


In related news here's an item about The Apprentice (airing its season finale tonight at 10PM on NBC) and how producer Mark Burnett is threatening to take this show to another network if NBC refuses to pick it up for another season. So I guess this show really wasn't renewed through 2008 after all. Anyway, if Burnett takes this show to another network, fine. That will be one more time slot available for NBC to keep on showing Law & Order.


I was watching the French presidential election coverage today on TV and on the Internet. and I actually could follow the French commentary pretty well. My French skills are really good these days.

Anyone, there was one guy in particular who I was happy to see lose today. I gotta say that I was really happy to see that awful Jean-Marie Le Pen do as badly as he did. These networks cut to the scenes at Le Pen headquarters and the miserable campaign workers there. I gotta tell you, I've been part of lots of losing campaigns for a lot of people who deserved better fates. But seeing these sad Le Pen supporters at their "victory party" really made my day. I found it really enjoyable watching the misery of these campaign workers who worked for a guy who truly, absolutely deserved to lose--- and who got completely clobbered today.

Good riddance, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Saturday, April 21, 2007



Well, I thought I would pass on some important breaking Apprentice news in time for Sunday's season finale. Kristine Lefebvre, the gorgeous blonde hottie who was fired in absolutely humiliating fashion by Donald Trump for putting a wrong number on one of the brochures a couple of weeks ago, has made the most of her Apprentice appearance by landing a sweet new gig. She is posing for Playboy in the June issue.

Actually, I'm kind of surprised because usually these Apprentice babes wind up in Maxim. But I guess Playboy wanted to get on the Apprentice bandwagon at least once before this show is cancelled. A little late to the game, eh, guys?!

Heck, they've done all the rest of the reality shows. Survivor, The Amazing Race, Joe Millionaire, Fear Factor, pretty much all of them. And these hot Playmates are all over reality TV. Wasn't Brande Roderick on The Surreal Life? And Playmate Shanna Moakler was on Dancing With the Stars! So was Kelly Monaco, who won the f*cking thing!!! Gorgeous Victoria Fuller has made a career out of going on reality TV shows, fighting with her husband Jonathan. So these Playmates are all over the place. On top of that, they produce their own reality piece of junk, The Girls Next Door, starring Hef's girlfriends!! This is about the only thing these reality shows are good for: these hotties from these trashy TV shows end up in Playboy.

In fact we shouldn't be too surprised that Kristine decided to pose. Kristine did a lot of legal work with Playboy in her job as an attorney, and she's represented Pam Anderson. And on top of that she is a former international model who once posed for Inside Sports Magazine's swimsuit issue. That's right, Kristine was a bikini swimsuit model. Don't let those glasses and her all-business demeanor on The Apprentice fool you: beneath that stern appearance and that business suit is a fun-loving total hottie.

It's obvious that the reason Kristine's doing this is to show the world what a hot woman she still is after surviving cancer and the radical operation she had to go through to beat it. Anyway, the best part about this is that Kristine is bound to have made more money in a few days of taking off her clothes on a photo shoot for Playboy, than she would have slaving away for a full year with these uptights in the Trump Organization. Kristine, you made a very good deal.

Now, aren't you sorry you fired Kristine, Mr. Trump?! Donald, you are a fool.

UPDATE: Another fun fact about Kristine: She once worked in the Arena Football League for, get this, the Miami Hooters! The Miami Hooters!!! I am not making this up.

You can't help but love this babe.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, the Stanley Cup first round is winding down and that means fewer games for me to watch--- which means more time for me to finally switch the channel from the CBC to the good movies on the other stations.

Tonight, SPACE: The Imagination Station has been doing the Species marathon. Back-to-back Species I and II movies starring the terrific, popular-with-guys Natasha Henstridge (pictured). CRTC regulations require me to point out she is a Canadian.

I could watch this first Species movie over and over again, just to see Henstridge play that hilariously frisky alien. That movie really is a guilty pleasure of mine. In my view, Natasha Henstridge will never find a role that will ever top this one. This was her signature movie.

Still, having seen this movie again for the umpteenth time I gotta ask this question---

Why the heck did all these Oscar-winning actors allow themselves to be associated with this ridiculous piece of nonsense?! (Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker, etc.) What were they all smoking? It strikes me as curious that there would be such great A-list casting for an embarrassing, cheesy flick like this one. Natasha, I can understand: they needed a hot babe. But the rest?! Oh, and Marg "C.S.I." Helgenberger was in the movie, too. Not only that, she was in the crappy sequel.

Species is a fun movie to watch, but it just cannot be taken seriously at all. I guess these actors needed the money.

And over on TCM tonight they are running an Ed Wood marathon starting with the completely ridiculous, incompetently-done Plan 9 from Outer Space, which makes all the Species movies look like Citizen Kane.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


The new season of the legal office comedy Billable Hours airs this Sunday at 9:30 ET on Showcase (the network that brings you Trailer Park Boys and plenty of other home-made shows, keeping Canadian talent in business) . They brought in a new showrunner Frank van Keeken who plans to make this show even darker and edgier than it was before.

Heck it was depressing enough before! Working in a law firm is enough to drive anyone mad. That's the whole point of the show, to show how boring and awful life is in these law firms. Maybe they should have a storyline where the firm votes to wind itself up and tosses everyone on the street. Heck, that's what's happening, for real, at Goodman and Carr.

Anyway, check out that story on the show. Apparently they're thinking about season 3 already.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Sanjaya got the boot from American Idol tonight. I demand a recount!


The campaigns to save your favorite TV shows continue unabated.

USA TODAY's Gary Levin put out its list of shows that are either renewed, on the bubble or comatose. There's a full list of them so check it out. Most tellingly, the guy claimed that Veronica Mars is definitely "cancelled" by the CW-- which sort of contradicts the line of bull E! is telling you about how Veronica might be back as an FBI agent. Maybe this is just a case of network people allowing Rob Thomas to pitch the "Veronica as an FBI agent" idea, just to stay in his good graces in case he comes up with a different show they might be interested in later. That's my theory anyway. From what I see Veronica looks like a show that is doomed, it's always getting bumped and preempted because of its dismal ratings.

The other thing I glean from the article is that Law and Order is really on the bubble and I hate to read stories like that. Earlier this season I was convinced the show had turned it around and was safe. But lately I don't feel confident at all, because the ratings are terrible. I also notice Ghost Whisperer is considered on the bubble, which is rather surprising because so many guys claim to have a big crush on that sweetie Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well, they aren't watching her show, that's for sure.

Also, this guy at USA Today has How I Met Your Mother as almost renewed, which is what I think ought to happen with that show to begin with. But other places say this show is more of a bubble show than people would like.

I've also heard rumors flying that Gilmore Girls might come back for an abbreviated 8th season that will wrap up the series. We'll see.


One show not mentioned at all was The Apprentice. But then, nobody cares about that show anyway anymore. Now, that's a show that deserves to be cancelled simply based on the lame episode we saw on Sunday. What the heck was that, having two teams of two filming commercials?! In the old days they would have these finalists put in charge of monster tasks that would test their mettle and drive them to the brink. That was great television! But this was just lame, what we saw on Sunday with these stupid Renuzit commercials, and these ads weren't even any good! If any show deserves to be cancelled it's this one, simply for not respecting its own fans. These fans on the fan boards are livid about the episode and how lame it was.

I heard, though, that NBC had renewed this piece of junk series through 2008, and that they made this deal a long time ago. If they really did, boy, did NBC ever get hosed. To quote Howie Mandel: "Donald, you made a really good deal." You made a lousy show, but it's still a good deal. Anyway, the finale for this wretched season in LA is this Sunday and it's only going to be an hour long, thank goodness.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007



Well, the big news last week was that Dino de Laurentiis was bringing back a remake of the campy 1968 sci-fi flick Barbarella. They're planning to do a Casino Royale-ish update to the original Roger Vadim flick that starred Jane Fonda.

Now the rumors are flying about casting decisions for this movie. One source says that Kate Beckinsale has been cast in the role of Barbarella, and when I heard that I thought holy $#!t, that's a terrific choice. Then I heard Sienna Miller was cast in the role and thought, well, that's an awesome choice, too. And then Halle Berry was mentioned and...

Well, it's pretty confusing. Who the heck is going to be Barbarella?! Make up your minds, already, guys, and get it over with. Put us guys out of our agony.

Apparently at the start they were going after Sienna Miller and Angelina Jolie, but Angelina was apparently too expensive. Which is too bad, because she would have been great for the role. But she already did Lara Croft, so probably it's best to leave Barbarella for someone else. From what I gather it's down to Sienna and Kate. Either way, they have the right idea. They are clearly going after a sexy A-lister, which is a good move. The one thing that impressed me about the original Barbarella movie was that they didn't have just anyone in the lead role. They didn't have some long-forgotten B-movie actress in the role, they didn't have Raquel Welch or Brigitte Bardot or Ursula Andress or Claudia Cardinale or Marisa Mell or Julie Newmar or some other cool dame like that. No, they went one better: they had Jane Fonda!!! A-list! And it turned out to be her campiest, sexiest movie role ever, wearing these skimpy outfits. The film featured a famous striptease scene right at the start of the movie in which Jane got naked, and fans find that opening scene really amusing. In fact, it was the best part of the movie. Really, that Barbarella flick didn't deserve Jane Fonda, but they got her and she made the flick so great.

So it makes sense that they find the hottest actress out there and put her in, and make her the new Barbarella. As far as I can tell, either of these actresses being talked about would be great. Kate Beckinsale (pictured) is absolutely drop-dead beautiful. She must be one of the top-5 most beautiful actresses in Hollywood right now as far as I'm concerned, and she's a big A-lister. She appeared in Underworld where she got raves for how hot she looked in those skin-tight outfits. So she's bound to look great showing leg and wearing go-go boots as Barbarella. Personally, I gotta say I love Kate Beckinsale and think she's great girlfriend material and a real hottie, and that's all I have to say about that.

As for Sienna Miller, yet another actress I am madly in love with, the question everyone has about her is whether or not she would even want this role. I dunno if she'd even agree to play such a sexed-up character because Sienna's a really uptight individual who has all these hangups about sexing it up in movies and the like.

Of course I'm kidding. Did you see her play Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl?! Good god, she was bragging to the press for weeks on end about how much sex and nudity was going to be on display, and how she didn't want her own parents to see the movie, and on and on! There were rumors that she had actual sex with Hayden Christensen during the love scenes. Actual, real sex! And that it was all put on film! Later they said no, it wasn't real. Still, the notoriety was bigger than the movie.

She also got naked in Alfie with her big boyfriend at the time Jude Law and went topless in Vanity Fair! Sienna has no shame!! Outside of the movies she is notorious for being an absolutely crazy party animal, a girl-gone-wild. Worse than Britney Spears even. Besides which, Sienna dons the coolest clothes and wears boots all the time. So based on all that she ought to be a shoo-in. Sienna Miller was born to play Barbarella.

Kate Beckinsale, I dunno--- she is definitely gorgeous and sexy but she seems much more demure. And demure is something Barbarella most definitely ain't.

Barbarella is supposed to be a sexy sci-fi movie. So it makes sense to cast an actress who you can see wearing these skimpy space outfits and go-go boots, battling the aliens. The big question I have about Kate Beckinsale is whether she would be willing to go the distance in making a sexy movie out of Barbarella. Would she be prepared to get naked?! Heck, Jane Fonda stripped down in the original. And you know Sienna Miller will strip down, too! Kate, I dunno. If they don't plan on having at least a striptease scene like in the first movie, they might as well forget it. In order to do right by the original this remake has to be a sexed-up movie! Not some PG-rated piece of junk! Of course, if Kate says yes to a strip scene, well, terrific--- it'll make the movie and she'll become famous for it for all time, and everyone will compare her to Jane Fonda.

Still, I think they all have an uphill battle regardless, because the original was a camp classic. Who wants to see a bad remake when the good original still exists. That's their challenge.

You know, if they can't get either of these two hot dames to do this Barbarella role, they should try and get Anne Hathaway. Not only is she gorgeous and fashionable, but she's going out of her way to ditch her Disneyfied good-girl image and would probably love a chance to show the world how hot and sexy she is. As for Halle Berry, she blew her shot with Catwoman, so she can forget it. I don't care how hot she is. And nobody wants to see Lindsay Lohan in a movie ever again, especially not this one. Yes, my blog has gone in the deep end tonight. Well, so what.


I have an observation about late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

What the heck is this "man's man" doing on Dancing With the Stars, giving these dancing tips and all that? What is up with that, man!?? All I gotta say is ABC better be paying Jimmy Kimmel a fortune for having to do this, prostituting himself for the network on Dancing With the Stars every week on the results show. And even that will never be enough money.

Whatever Jimmy Kimmel is being paid isn't nearly enough, folks, if this is what he's being forced to do.

Monday, April 16, 2007



Well, the ambitious Robert Rodriguez/ Quentin Tarantino hyped-up double feature effort Grindhouse has turned into one MASSIVE flop. Last week it opened at a pathetic number 4 and this week it nearly dropped right out of the Top Ten. Down the tubes, just like Snakes on a Plane. Too bad.

Meanwhile articles about the Weinstein Company and the bath they took on this movie are circulating. There's talk out there now of splitting this movie up in two and releasing Planet Terror and Death Proof on their own, which is just wrong, people. They need to create the Grindhouse experience for everyone to experience, with the missing reels and the fake trailers and so on. But nobody out there wants to see this movie, or even realizes this effort is pretty deserving of some sort of patronage at the theaters! Heck, this movie is getting good reviews, especially for Planet Terror. Tarantino's movie, maybe not so much. Still, these guys were trying to do something daring, something creative! But the public doesn't want it. Maybe they were scared off by the violence. Who knows.

I tend to side with the people who worry that this is going to create a chilling effect for Hollywood and put the brakes on any movie efforts that have any semblance of creativity or edginess. You can't blame the studios for what went down with Grindhouse, they at least tried their best. And you can't blame the directors.

Instead, blame the usual suspects again--- the boring people who live in middle America who prefer to see stupid kids flicks and insipid stuff instead of real efforts at making movies.



Check out the coverage at CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC and CBS.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The big controversy of the week in TV is that E's Kristin Veitch released the results of her Save One Show campaign and decided to turn around and name two winners. She claimed Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars as the co-winners of this poll, but people are mad because Gilmore Girls actually beat Veronica quite handily. In fact it got 300,000 more votes. So people are mad that Gilmore Girls has to share the title.
There are also lots of people claiming that a lot of cheating and electronic/computerized voting was going on, with multiple votes being cast by computers located in the middle of nowhere to save Gilmore Girls. So people who voted for One Tree Hill and Supernatural are mad about that. I find it interesting that the top four votegetting shows were all on the CW network--- you know, that network that nobody watches except of course for the die-hard TV fans who truly love television. This is truly the "TV fans" network, the CW. Yet they act like all the rest of them in making programming decisions a lot of the time, putting on reality junk like the rest of them in order to prop up their dismal ratings.

Anyway, Gilmore Girls' fate seems to rest entirely on whether cast member Alexis Bledel comes back. As for Veronica, creator Rob Thomas is trying to sell a format change of the show to the network and do a radical makeover of the show, and turn Veronica into an FBI agent. Personally, I think this sounds like a rehash of Alias, but people who have drunk the Veronica Mars koolaid think this sounds great. I think at some point you have to accept defeat and give up on a show if the ratings are really bad, and not tinker around with radical format changes and other nonsense that might affect the integrity of the show. The real problem with Veronica Mars is that nobody watches it! The show has some of the lowest ratings on network TV. But the fans are practically a cult.


What sucks about that poll by E! is that there are a few shows they left off that silly list which probably should have been nominated and allowed a shot at getting a few votes. Such as: Law and Order. Did you hear the comments of Kevin Reilly of NBC about this show this week? In a Variety interview he said the fate of the mothership is "a real discussion. Nothing lasts forever." In another interview he called the show "expensive."

Yikes. These are scary comments for fans of the show to hear. But let's face it, the ratings this year have been truly awful and the storylines have been lousy. It seems these writers on the show are obsessed with religion and topics like that, with these cases "ripped from the headlines." If you think this sounds like a lame, hack-job excuse of a show, well, these days that's what it is.

And it's sad because it never used to be this way. The diehard fans at the NBC boards think this season has sucked and are calling for big changes. They are miserable because they all want the old, great Law and Order back in all its glory. They are sad because these days they have to put up with lame storylines, lame actors, and a terrible time slot on Friday nights--- and they are deeply worried that the show is going to be cancelled before it is able to turn things around. This show is on its last legs, and the fans know it and they are angry.

More particularly, these fans are mad at Dick Wolf's attempts to appease the numbskulls who run NBC by going after a younger audience, sexing up the show and adding babes to the cast. The fans think Milena Govich is going to succeed in putting this show in the grave!! There's even a petition going on the NBC fan boards trying to fire Milena and get Dennis Farina back on the show. Which I find funny because people were blasting Farina for not being as good as the late great Jerry Orbach. But anyone's better than Milena Govich. She completely sucks on the show.

There's also similar worry among the Law and Order: Criminal Intent fans, and I notice the Crossing Jordan fans are really sad and agitated these days, waiting for Jill Hennessy's show to kick the bucket. They're doing the petition thing, too, and the letter writing, and all that. What a sad situation for those Jordan fans, because that show appears completely doomed. What I notice is these fans are hurling blame at NBC for not promoting these shows, putting them in death time slots and the like, while littering the schedule with reality shows, game shows, and other cheap junk. You know how I feel about a lot of these cheap shows already and how utterly unwatchable most of them are. More of them are on the way, in fact.

NBC is going to be putting on The Real Wedding Crashers, another lame reality show about weddings getting crashed. And they have on there a comedy show Thank God You're Here, which looks like it's made on the cheap (even though it's funny). This sounds like the kind of stuff that ought to be relegated to cable TV, but NBC insists on serving this up to a national network audience! But can you really blame NBC for doing this?! This is exactly what the lame-o people in these Nielsen households are watching right now: cheap junk. I read somewhere that the top shows on television right now are American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader. And even Idol's ratings are down 10%. Still, these are the hits. Meanwhile Studio 60 has flopped and The Black Donnellys just tanked, and Fox had to cancel pretty much all of its new dramas as well.

All in all these are sad times for TV fans and fans of long-running television shows, seeing their favorite scripted series getting shafted by the networks and by the general public.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Shooting on the new Get Smart movie has gotten under way in LA and I read that eventually there will be some shooting done up in Montreal of all places. And they released some press photos showing Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway together as Maxwell Smart and 99.

Also, read on Aint It Cool News that Mel Brooks and Buck Henry have been added as creative consultants for the Get Smart movie and this is good news, because one of the major beefs was that these two originals from the Get Smart TV series weren't consulted for the movie version up until now. Anyway, it sounds like this movie is at least trying to be good. Or maybe they're simply trying to rescue this project. Who knows.

I wonder what series they are going to put on the silver screen next. All in the Family?! Cheers?! Baretta?! Gilligan's Island!?! Actually, I read someone is trying to bring back Sanford and Son and put it in theaters. I have no idea what to think of that idea.

By the way, I am reading Roger Ebert's book of negative movie reviews, Your Movie Sucks, and he just trashed some of these movies that started out as TV shows. It seems obvious that this guy doesn't watch much TV! Ebert actually stated in his reviews that he never watched a single episode of Charlie's Angels or The Dukes of Hazzard before viewing the movies! Not even one! Incredible.

To which I go, "you sure didn't miss much," but I'm digressing off topic again.


It's Saturday, and the big brouhaha this week is about how hockey fans in Canada got their Saturday night ruined because the NHL moved the Ottawa-Pittsburgh game to afternoon to accomodate the folks over at NBC.

Honestly, who cares. The good news is we'll get a good game to watch during the afternoon, for a change. And that will leave the evening free and clear to watch movies, or chase girls, or do any number of other more important things. So the NHL actually did people a favor by switching this game to the afternoon! Whining about afternoon hockey games seems like a typical no-lives type of thing to do if you are a Canadian.

Besides, there's still a hockey game on. Tampa Bay and New Jersey are playing, and so are the Islanders and Buffalo! Besides, these whining Canadians should be glad that the Ottawa Senators are being showcased on TV in the USA on NBC, it's good publicity.

Wait a minute, the league is actually wanting to showcase Sidney Crosby, they don't really care about Ottawa at all. Never mind, then.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Don Imus' radio show is over. CBS Radio station WFAN has just announced it has fired Imus.

I dunno, but I think Imus' most recent feuding with Al Sharpton may have had something to do with it, too. Imus was going after Sharpton for lambasting those Duke lacrosse players who were accused in that rape case. But that's a whole different situation, Sharpton wasn't using racial epithets or any of that.

There is going to be more and more talk on the radio about this situation. I was listening to these talk radio stations and they were all talking about Don Imus, largely because he's a giant in the radio business and had an influential show. I kind of worry this is going to usher in a new round of political correctness, though. That's not excusing Don Imus' comments or any of that. I just worry the language police are going to be back in force. And these rappers are going to be scrutinized for their language, too, now. Anyway, that's a whole other issue.

Anyway check out They should have more about this big news over there. Like I say, now they can go all-sports 24 hours a day.


He survives again.


Already the sixth longest game in NHL history. Tied 4-4. And this is only the first night of the playoffs.

This is why I love the Stanley Cup playoffs-- never-ending games.

Wow, another big save just now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This just in, MSNBC has given Don Imus and his show the boot. Gone from MSNBC. Imus' career has officially gone down the toilet.

What is next for Imus? Probably the outright cancellation of his radio show next. Although you might be able to get away with more on radio--- radio is loaded with these on-air lunatics. But Imus was pretty tame compared to a lot of them. And look at the mess he is in now.


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are back again (everywhere except Montreal and Toronto anyway), and that is good news for us fans, because we are going to get plenty of Don Cherry on TV on CBC.

In fact Cherry just got an additional new gig. He will appear on NBC during their hockey broadcasts on the weekends.

You know, good for NBC that they are taking Cherry on. They really are trying to do a good job with their hockey broadcasts and trying to make it entertaining for the fans. I think Cherry adds a lot to NBC, for sure. NBC already has Brett Hull doing his best to spout off all the time, too, so that's all good. In fact the CBC looks like it will bring Hull up here for some stuff. Great.

This is good news and should help the hockey TV ratings--- though I think they need to do additional things to shore up the ratings down there in the USA.

Such as: add more babes.

(Pictured: Erin Andrews.)


Well, let me start out by saying that this Sunday's Apprentice 6 show was a big improvement from what we've seen from this piece-of-junk series the past two seasons.

They got rid of the stupid gimmicks, finally, and put an end to these candidates sleeping in tents, and got rid of the stupid, lame-o, chimpanzee fast food-type tasks from LA. Plus, they got rid of that stupid, contrived, phony Tim and Nicole romance story line. Good riddance t0 all that. That's why this show ended up being a big improvement

Besides, they made these candidates do a real presentation, for a change. They had candidates sent to Las Vegas to focus on a sales and marketing task to sell and promote one of Donald Trump's Las Vegas properties. And it turned into an entertaining episode with two teams embarrassing themselves with outrageously bad presentations, and Trump went totally ballistic up there. He seemed ready to fire a lot of people. In fact it was really exciting to watch. It was actually a pretty good episode for a change.

But in the end the show kind of had a letdown when Trump chickened out and only fired two of the six people. Heidi and Kristine, a.k.a. the "two hotties", both got the boot. I noticed a lot of the fans at Television Without Pity were quite thrilled to see Heidi go. Everyone thought she was a big fraud who did nothing all season and there was a lot of resentment of this supposedly "big star" winning all the time. And in fact I thought she was a big fraud anyway because of her acting background and so on. Anyway, she blew it producing ugly-looking marketing brochures and now she's gone.

As for Kristine, she made a colossal blunder. She put the wrong number of the Trump organization on one of her team's brochures and was reamed out for it, and was fired before she was even given much of a chance to defend herself. In a way I feel for her, because she had to do all the work while her partner Nicole was sleeping on the job and doing nothing. So the overworked Kristine paid the price for her own team's lack of cohesion by blowing it and putting on the brochure the wrong number, and she was made to feel really small on TV. Trump absolutely bellowed "you're fired" at her. He looked like Mr. Spacely from The Jetsons, or Mr. Slate from The Flintstones. Yoooooou're fired!!!
It's too bad for Kristine. I know she was made to look like she was a bit of a scheming you-know-what on the show, but she was competent most of the time. Not this night.

I have a question. Why the heck didn't Trump fire more people? The teams were divided into three teams of two, and of the three, both Heidi and Frank did the worst job of all. Their presentation sucked, but I guess Trump had sympathy for this guy Frank and what he put up with from Heidi. It's obvious to me that the only reason Frank is still here is because he has been on fire in the boardroom. Frank was almost fired during the first episode but managed to give Martin the knife, and then last week Frank survived again, scolding Tim in the boardroom by calling him "wet behind the ears." Priceless. This week, he allowed Heidi to basically bury herself and implode. Nice going, Frank. But I find it hard to believe you're going to win this thing. Frank may work hard, but he clearly isn't rising to the top with this group of people. He should just be put out of his misery and let go.

As for Nicole, I have a simple question. Why is this complete loser still here?

She's been a disaster, sleeping on the job and creating havoc and so on. And that presentation she was a part of was embarrassing to say the least. Their video couldn't get loaded up and started on time, and Trump was cranky and saying what a disaster it was. He was right! I gotta say, I have never seen such an embarrassing performance like this from anyone on television, and Nicole was part of it and should have been called out for it. And here's another question I have. What the heck did that fool Tim see in her? It's obvious to me she is no good for him. She's not even good-looking as far as I can tell. But anyway, I digress. On and off the job, Nicole is a loser. Yet she's still there, the comedy relief of this embarrassing show on NBC.

Really, I would have gone nuts if I were Trump and I would have ended this charade and dumped four people on the street, because this was EMBARRASSING. I mean, really, where did they get these people, off the street? I know where they got Heidi, the casting couch, but where the heck did they round up the rest of these duds!? This is supposed to be the best and the brightest, the most competent people out there. Yet they embarrass themselves and the Trump organization like this? On national television!!?

You know, this may well be the best episode of the season, but this show is still a parody of itself in a lot of ways.


Well, Catherine Crier's TV show on Court TV, Crier Live, has been given the boot. "Nooooooooo!" Actually, I never watched the show, but this is really bad news, again, for Court TV fans. That whole channel is being handed over to reality TV and the courtroom talk stuff is going to make up a smaller portion of the coverage. Plus, they are changing the name of the channel. As a Court TV fan I am not amused.

The courtroom coverage is going to increasingly be handed over to these foolish loud commentators like Nancy Grace and Star Jones Reynolds. Star is coming back to host a show on whatever this place plans to call itself. Crier might as well leave this sinking ship.

So what is next for Crier? Her contract is up after all. I have an idea! Catherine Crier used to be a judge in Texas before she got into TV (no joke). Now is the perfect time to strike it rich and put on one of these syndicated judge shows on TV, like Judge Judy and everyone else. I can see it now. "Crier's Court"! Or how about this: "Judge Cathy"?!

Of course, she will probably have to also compete with Judge Larry Seidlin, of Anna Nicole fame, assuming he is able to ever get his own show off the ground.


In other cancellation news, I notice the comedy Andy Barker P.I. has been given the boot, and that's really too bad because a lot of people liked the show. But the people at NBC sure didn't give it much of a chance. So it ranks as another flop for Andy Richter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Larry Birkhead told the press "I told you so", today, but then again, Maury Povich could have stood up there and said the same thing.

Really, the only thing missing from today's big Anna Nicole paternity announcement in the Bahamas was Maury himself.

And Howard K. Stern sounds as if he is going to cooperate and look out for the best interests of Dannielynn, and hand her over to her real dad. Thank goodness, finally. Jean Casarez and the rest of the Court TV people can finally go home now. Same for the tabloid TV folks.

I just hope this is going to be the end of the stories on ET now. I'm sick and tired of tuning in ET every day and seeing some lame Anna Nicole Smith story heading up the news all the time. The main drama seems to be over, anyway, although the estate and Anna Nicole's vast fortune is still up in the air and a big mess. Stern wants to sue people for defamation now. Who cares about that. ET ought to give up already and go back to chasing Brad and Angelina, or something.


The firestorm over Don Imus' tasteless, racist joke-comments, trashing the Rutgers women's basketball team have created such a brouhaha that it appears he could well get the boot pretty soon.

Already he has been suspended for 2 weeks by MSNBC and by CBS Radio. Imus plans to sit down with the Rutgers team to do his groveling act, which he has been doing already now for the past couple of days. Meanwhile, black leaders are going on CNN every day to trash him and his show.

You know, I feel bad for Imus because I liked his show, but this nitwit deserves what he is getting for putting his foot in his mouth in such a big way. I would have thought, though, that it would be a guy like Howard Stern who would go do something completely idiotic like this, blowing himself up, because Stern is as unrestrained as they come. But Stern is more concerned about sex and girls, and oddly enough you can get into less trouble talking about stuff like that. You can get fined, but at least you don't get fired. But this racial stuff can really burn you and get you in far worse trouble. Heck, look at Michael Richards not too long ago, using the "N" word. The fact is Imus is in big trouble and I really don't know if he can survive this. He is going to need some people in the black community to say some nice things about how repentant he is and how much good work he has done for people with the Imus Ranch and all that. If not, he's toast. Personally, I think he's doomed. Al Sharpton totally hates Imus right now and all these black leaders I see on TV are out for blood.

I think it's going to be a matter of time before the sponsors drop his show. Imus relies on these bigshot politicians and news-type people and if they start spurning his show he is definitely finished. And what about his flagship radio station, WFAN?! They're an all-sports station and a lot of their reporters have to do interviews and book guests from Rutgers University's various sports programs. If any of these Rutgers folks start boycotting WFAN, well, they won't be too happy about that, either and will dump his show pretty quickly.

Look on the bright side. If Imus ends up getting fired, WFAN will finally be able to do all-sports 24 hours a day--- instead of having to hand over all of their loyal sports listeners to ESPN 1050 every morning during the Imus show.

Friday, April 06, 2007


THE CAIRNS BLOG is coming to you today live from Vancouver, B.C.-- or technically, the outskirts of Vancouver, but close enough. I also haven't been very close to a computer very often, so blogging has been light.

In other news, the big story is the release of the much anticipated Robert Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino effort Grindhouse. I imagine I will be talking about it as soon as I get a chance to view it. It's being released as a double feature and reviewers are already having a field day, many of them praising one movie while trashing the other. But so far the reaction has been largely enthusiastic.

This ranks right up there in the"much anticipated" category of movies--- the other is the Judd Apatow effort Knocked Up which has had people rolling in the aisles with laughter on the festival circuit. Based on Apatow's recent track record I'd go see it.

Oh yeah, another winning week for Sanjaya on American Idol. The campaign goes on. It'll be interesting to see which "election" will get more interest--- this one, or the Canadian federal campaign that may get foisted upon all of us unsuspecting Canadians.

And at least one town full of hockey fans- Montreal or Toronto- will be crying after this weekend is over as the playoffs will start without at least one of them.

More later.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The latest update on Roger Ebert's health was printed in the SunTimes today. He says that despite setbacks he is feeling better every day. He had hoped to be back in a few weeks but will need more time getting his voice back in working condition.

The bad news, then, is that we are still going to be stuck with the guest critics on that Roeper Without Ebert show on the weekends for a while longer. The good news, though, is that Ebert is writing some more these days. In fact he has a new book coming out. It is called Your Movie Sucks, and it's a compilation of old movie reviews. It's the second Ebert book devoted to reviews of films that he trashed in print and gave "thumbs-down" to. It should keep his devoted readers happy until he comes back to full health.

Sort of befits Ebert to release a book like that right now--- he must be in a cranky mood after all he's been through.


What the heck?! Just one day after I post about shows facing the axe, I find out four shows got the axe in one day: 7th Heaven, The Black Donnellys, Wedding Bells and Six Degrees.

Six Degrees was on the E! "Save One Show" list. Well, so much for that effort. Anyway, The Black Donnellys was a Paul Haggis effort so everyone in Canada will be sad about seeing poor Paul Haggis out of work, but don't worry, he'll find something else.

In TV news news, Jeff Greenfield has left CNN for CBS News, and just in time, too, because he could have been shot today. Actually, anyone at CNN could have been shot today. There was a shooting in the lobby of CNN Center and at least one person was killed. So CNN went wild covering itself today. They even interviewed Nicole Lapin who was freaked out because the shooting happened near her workspace!!

Come to think of it, Jeff Greenfield wouldn't have been in the line of fire today anyway--- I think he's based in New York, not Atlanta. Anyway, he's going to CBS to work for ex-boss Rick Kaplan and try and help save Katie Couric's dismal newscast. I say good for CBS for picking Greenfield up. He knows plenty about politics and this is a boost for their election coverage over there.

In other CNN news, both the O'Briens reportedly got the hook from the morning show over there. Soledad O'Brien and Miles O'Brien are going to be reassigned and replaced by John Roberts and Kiran Chetry. The move is said to be prompted by stinking ratings for the morning news. By the way, CRTC regulations compel me to say that John Roberts is a Canadian.

All I gotta about Kiran Chetry's new gig is way to go. Your agent did quite the job: you got the morning show host job you always wanted, the one FOX News refused to give you. You should give your agent a big hug. "Hug it out, bitch!!!"---direct quote from Ari Gold.

Who cares if you had to give Soledad the knife to get your gig--- bet she likes you a lot, now, eh?! You know, this just doesn't seem right, does it, when good people get the shaft like this? Well, this is typical CNN as far as I'm concerned, rearranging the furniture and trashing people again. They better have a good assignment in store for Soledad O'Brien, or else. If I were Soledad O'Brien I'd quit.

John Seigenthaler has left the anchor chair of the weekend NBC Nightly News--- a victim of that fancy NBC 2.o bloodbath that is going on. And finally, read on TVNewser that Paula Zahn is getting divorced. Who cares about that.

Finally, we still don't know who the father of Anna Nicole's kid is yet. But that isn't stopping ET from going hog wild on the story yet again, even though nothing is happening today.

That's all for right now.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Well, there is a saying in NCAA college basketball about a team being "on the bubble". This is usually a team that is borderline as to whether or not the selection committee will choose them to play in the NCAA tournament (which, by the way, wrapped up tonight with Florida smoking Ohio State again.)

Anyway, there are bubble teams, and there are bubble TV shows. These TV shows are ones that are in danger of being cancelled but no one knows for sure whether they are gone for good yet. Some of these series will not know their fates until the May "upfronts" when the networks announce the fall schedule. A bunch of shows are on the brink including Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars (again), One Tree Hill (again), Friday Night Lights, Six Degrees, any number of them. And one show, 7th Heaven, is already reportedly cancelled. Kristin Veitch over at E! has her annual Save One Show campaign going and there is a long list of potential goners on her poll over there.

One show that I am very surprised to find on the bubble is How I Met Your Mother. Apparently, the problem for this show is a lack of support from the powers that be at CBS. There was a blind item at TV Guide which did not refer to the show by name, but it hinted that a certain executive was reported to have trashed the show and called it "as funny as a root canal". Also, this show got passed over for a major promotion during the Super Bowl. They had hoped to air the show right after the big game was over to promote their series. Instead, that honor went to Criminal Minds. Anyway, the jist of the TV Guide piece was that he wanted people to realize there were no petitions going to save the show, nothing. Just a lot of complacency from fans who don't realize that this show is in trouble.

I would have thought this show would be renewed, no problem: it has an appealing cast (particularly that cute brunette TV-news chick i.m.o.), and a loyal following of fans. But it's not as if the fan base is as vocal as those of these CW shows, for example, nor is it as big as the Grey's Anatomy fandom. I suppose the main problem is that Dancing With the Stars is killing CBS on Monday nights right now and threatening this show's survival. The fact that Dancing With the Stars is doing so well boggles the mind of most devoted TV fans, who get so mad when dreck like that gets all the ratings. They can't believe that these awful, cheap-junk shows are threatening the survival of the good shows that the real TV fans watch!! I know these Veronica Mars fans are really upset that the lame-o Pussycat Dolls reality show has done well-- and they should be worried. If the CW renews Pussycat Dolls then Veronica is going to be cancelled!!!

Anyway, How I Met Your Mother is getting killed right now by reality TV on ABC. As well, Rules of Engagement is expected to get renewed and CBS may be ready to clear out the 9PM hour for yet another hour-procedural. If they do that How I Met Your Mother could be doomed. But I think cancelling this show would be a crazy decision. People are hooked on this show and I think there are plenty of people out there who still haven't discovered this series and who will like the show if they actually get a chance to see it.

Here's a petition to try and save How I Met Your Mother, and I offer this because I'm mad as heck and want to see decent sitcoms stay on the air. I don't want to see any more of these junk reality shows!
By the way The Bachelor came back tonight on ABC and all I will say is good luck to this Bachelor dude in dealing with all these crazy women on this ridiculous show. I used to think these were wannabe actresses but now I'm convinced that these dames are a bunch of psychos, many of them.