Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Some news about lawyers in TV news to pass along to you frustrated attorneys stuck reading my blog in your dull office buildings late at night:

There's a new show on CTV Newsnet coming tomorrow. It's called The Verdict and it's hosted by Paula Todd, formerly of TVO. She used to co-anchor Studio 2 with Steve Paikin. But then Studio 2 was cancelled, Steve Paikin got The Agenda all to himself, and Todd looked for another job.

Of course Todd is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and so is eminently qualified to cover legal stuff. Well, at least that's better than seeing her attempt to cover politics. Whenever she was on TVO she was repeating all the Liberals' lame talking points. She was just a big shill for the Liberals. I was heavily into politics at the time and it always drove me nuts. Anyway, it's good she's covering the legal beat now, it will keep her out of trouble.

And it's about time we had a legal show on the air in Canada. They're all the rage in the USA, and there's lots of law stuff going on in Canada--- like that grizzly Robert Pickton trial and of course, Tubby Black.

The show premieres just as the big Conrad Black trial gets under way in Chicago. And you can bet that all the Canadian networks will provide saturation coverage of that--- not to mention WGN in Chicago and these other places. Notice that "Fast Eddie" Greenspan is Black's attorney (one of them) and he hosts that movie show on Court TV on weekends. In fact I noticed he got mentioned in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

Other stuff: I found the website of Jennifer Santiago, a lawyer-turned-TV journalist who has been working in Miami for the CBS station WFOR for many years. I saw her on the CBS4 live stream, reporting the news during the hurricanes down there--- she was getting all wet from these storms. And she actually started her career as a weathercaster in Tucson, Arizona. In fact there's a rumor she may be leaving Miami. I read she could be going to LA, soon. We'll see.

She's quite an amazing individual-- her ethnic background is Jewish-Latino (which is the same as that other lawyer-journalist Geraldo), plus-- she's a vegan who is into animal rights, she's into yoga, once produced an independent feature film, travels the world... and she even did modeling. In fact, Jennifer once posed for Playboy. All I gotta say is holy s#!t! No wonder she quit law. This woman is way too interesting a person for the legal profession (and for television news for that matter)! Jennifer Santiago is definitely the Angelina Jolie of television news.

I also notice that Bob Woodruff is still on his book tour, with his wife Lee. And did I mention he has a law degree, too, from Michigan? In fact he practised for several years. Now, here is a perfect example, unfortunately, of why you should stay in law, folks. That is one fellow who probably should have stayed in the legal profession no matter how dull and boring it turned out to be. Here's his interview with Larry King.

I always find it interesting that someone with a law degree chucked a law career to pursue TV News, or blogging/writing (ie. David Lat, Melissa Lafsky, Rachel Sklar) , or screenwriting (David E. Kelley) or something cool like that. In fact I hear that Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer has a new show on. Something called Wedding Bells, about wedding planners. Maybe they want to get on the Wedding Crashers bandwagon. (I notice Teri Polo, of Meet the Fockers fame is in the cast.)

And you have former Sen. Fred Thompson, who went into acting. You know what he's thinking of doing? He's thinking of quitting Law and Order to run for President of the United States! I guess a lot of Republicans can't stand John McCain or Rudy Giuliani. Personally, I hope he doesn't run, because if he leaves it could be the end of Law and Order. In fact, this news could get this show cancelled. The ratings this season have been terrible. We'll see.

That's it for now.

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