Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well this has been a big week of bad news for entertainment journalists.

First, a whole bunch of jobs are lost at Premiere because that publication is going out of business. And this week comes word of defections from the Hollywood Reporter to Variety. HR editor Cynthia Littleton has bolted to Variety. Also deputy film editor Anne Thompson of the RiskyBiz blog fame has also defected and will write a similarly-themed blog for Variety.

And here's a second piece by Nikki Finke about the stunned reaction of the journos at the Hollywood Reporter--- those that are left. "Everybody feels like the sky is falling," she quotes someone saying. Time to brush off the old resumes, eh?

Ouch. This is pretty bad news. I am reading a lot of speculation that this is the "end of the Hollywood Reporter" and that this rag will be out of business pretty soon. They've already gone through layoffs over there-- they canned ten people last year. David Poland suggests on his video blog that the Reporter ought to partner up with MovieCityNews and get in on all the web action in a big way. I think doing something web-based is definitely the way to go, not just for the Hollywood Reporter but for every single one of these print publications out there today.

There's speculation now about who the next editor is going to be and Nikki Finke suggests it will be a big name, possibly from the entertainment industry. Anyway, they gotta do something. This is a big blow to that publication, losing those two folks to the archrivals. That's sort of an open admission that the Hollywood Reporter is a sinking ship.

Personally, I don't want to see the Hollywood Reporter go out of business. Where will we get any information on the "40 under 40" and all that?! I guess there's the Premiere Power List---- wait a minute, they're out of business, now.

Maybe Nikki Finke will do up a list of people --- or something.