Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, you boring folks out there in middle America have done it again, you got another strong singer (so people say) booted from American Idol. Not that I know whether she was a good singer or not, because I quit watching the show after the road tour of the cities ended. But that's what happened again.

Stephanie Edwards got the boot. Meanwhile, that notoriously bad Sanjaya Malakar is still around, haunting the competition. Simon Cowell has said before that he will quit Idol if Sanjaya happens to win. Well, get ready to quit and go back to England, Simon, because he's messing this competition right up.

It's obvious who's to blame for him still being here: it's these votefortheworst people, trying to once again sabotage and bring down the Idol show. And so far they are doing a nice job. They are backing Sanjaya 100% and trying to ring those phones and get him over the top, and so far they are winning. If Sanjaya actually wins this freaking show believe you me, that will be the ultimate Jump the Shark moment of all time.

It really is more interesting following the news stories about Idol than it is to actually watch that train wreck of a show--- and thanks to the voting results, it is definitely a train wreck.

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