Sunday, March 04, 2007


Been reading about the chaos at NBC News this week. Read on one of these sites that apparently not too long ago there was tension on the set of NBC Nightly News between the EP and Brian Williams. Who knows what really happened, but something must have been going on over there, because this week the EP got the boot. John Reiss left the broadcast on Friday.

Meanwhile people at NBC News are worried. They have gotten beat three weeks in a row in the ratings by Charlie Gibson and World News over on ABC. This week they got absolutely killed. This was the big Bob Woodruff comeback week, so Woodruff got to appear on World News again and they ran his stories. So that was no help to NBC News.

I have also been reading people starting to trash Williams and his on-air style, saying he looks like he talks down to people, and looks like an old fogey up there, and is so stiff, and so on and so forth. But people were saying the same thing about Charlie Gibson a few months ago, and now he's Number One. I dunno, maybe it would help if Williams loosened up on air and showed his NASCAR good-ol'-boy personality a little bit. Might help with the ratings in the Red States--- the ones remaining, that is, after last fall's election.

But anyway, that's what happens when the ratings slip--- people start calling you a bum when you were a hero three months before. And they tell you to change your style, change your hair, etc.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Brian Williams and the gang are therefore off to Iraq where they plan to do some reporting for next week's show.

Didn't these fools bother to watch ABC last week or any of Bob Woodruff's reports?! Going to Iraq is a good way to get yourself killed. I sure hope Williams stays in a well-fortified hotel. I don't want to see Brian Williams doing a documentary on how he cheated death in Iraq, too.


Really, though, the real reason why NBC News is tanking has nothing to do with the newscast or with Brian Williams. Let's face reality people, the reason the ratings stink is because NBC sucks! Their whole lineup of shows is totally in the tank ratings-wise (except maybe Heroes and a few other shows) and it has spilled over to affect every show on the air, including the ones from the news division. The changes aren't working, at least not immediately. On Monday they premiered The Black Donnellys, a gritty show which was supposed to help NBC get out of its ratings funk, and apparently the premiere just bled viewers all night to other channels. And it's too bad, because this is yet another NBC attempt to try and put a good quality show on the air instead of the usual dreck. But the idiots at home are dumber than fifth graders. So now the game shows are coming back at NBC. Very soon they bring back Identity, and they have been shuffling shows like Deal or No Deal around, too, to prop the rest of the lineup up. Like I say, these ratings problems have affected viewership across the board at NBC and I'm sure the news division is feeling it as well.

Tonight, Howie and the suitcase babes take over the 9PM slot normally reserved for The Apprentice, and are shifting the Donald to 10PM ET after several weeks of stinking ratings up against Desperate Housewives. In fact, tonight's Apprentice effort is supposed to be quite a show. Apparently two people are getting fired tonight. Here's a suggestion: why don't they simply fire everyone and shut the show down? It would be better than this boring season. "Tent City" is a joke.

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