Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well, Report on Business Television is changing its name. Come Monday, Canada's answer to CNBC and Bloomberg TV will be known simply as the Business News Network.

Why they are making this change, I have no idea. The old name did the job just fine. It had a brand identity and people could associate it with the Report on Business section of the Globe and Mail. And it was all part of "convergence" and all that nonsense that has been going on. Renaming it BNN doesn't exactly do much for "convergence" or cross-promotion.

I think the geniuses in charge could be preparing to put this "BNN" channel on the block. After all, they have to get rid of a lot of TV properties with that CTVGlobemedia/CHUM deal. Maybe "BNN" is going to be part of the A-Channel selloff and this could be a way to make such a deal more attractive. Then again, maybe CTV won't get rid of "BNN" at all--- maybe they're going to put the Globe on the block instead! The Report on Business name belongs to the paper anyway. I know there's been some talk about it out there. Why not get rid of the newspaper? Newspapers are dying off.

Someone ought to ask these guys at CTV some very interesting questions about this strange renaming decision, folks. It's pretty curious if you ask me.

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