Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have nothing to say about the Anna Nicole Smith case which is winding its way through the courts in the Bahamas right now. I notice ET is still going hog wild covering this case, too, even though it seems like everyone is fed up with it. I notice Access Hollywood isn't giving this story nearly the coverage that ET is. Maybe Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell want nothing to do with it. Who cares. Anyway, here is the latest.

A court today ordered a paternity test to determine who the father is for Anna Nicole's baby. Finally! Common sense finally prevails. Larry Birkhead seemed quite pleased with this turn of events.

But he's going forward in his legal battles without Debra Opri--- the two have parted ways. Dunno why. I don't think she's licensed in the Bahamas so maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows.

And they are still trying to figure out what went on with Anna Nicole in the last few days leading up to her death. The autopsy results have been delayed and delayed, and now all the usual people on TV are screaming that there might have been foul play, that it could have been murder! So now everyone is being accused of murder.

A lot of fingers are getting pointed at these people who supplied Anna Nicole with all her drugs. These supermarket tabloids are screaming about the level of drugs Anna Nicole had in her system, claiming it's something like ten times what was originally reported! So now everyone is going crazy while we wait for something definitive to come from the chief medical inspector or whatever the guy's title is. All I gotta say is do the autopsy and get it right, and get it done so we don't have to listen to these foolish commentators ranting and raving on TV about this case! I don't want to hear these people making their libelous and slanderous accusations all the time.

There is supposed to be a big inquest into Daniel Smith, too. That should be good for a lot of coverage.

And here's a funny story about one of these judges involved in one of these Anna Nicole cases. Turns out he was into marijuana. Anyway, he's in trouble.

This just keeps on getting stranger and stranger. We'll keep you posted.

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