Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You know, when I said there would be no Canadian election I spoke too soon. Seems to me after reading these various blogs and news sources that the Stephen Harper government could end up falling on some other manufactured matter other than the budget--- for example, on the Kyoto issue. The opposition parties and the government do not see eye to eye on the Clean Air Act at all and this could trigger an election soon.

And all I will say is I don't want to see an election. I am fed up with elections and totally fed up with politics. Besides, I think there's a lot of risk for the Tories in having an election. They're the government already, darnet! Why risk a good thing with an election!? Yet these political fools in Ottawa want to foist another campaign on the Canadian public and all the nonsense that goes with it--- the negative ads, all of it. And people don't want it, they are fed up.

Anyway, watch the manueverings on Parliament Hill, we could still be in for yet another election.

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