Tuesday, March 06, 2007


You know, there's lot of other important stuff going on in the world. Scooter Libby got convicted, Vice-President Dick Cheney has a blood clot in his leg, and idiots like Ann Coulter are hurling homophobic slurs at politicians. People in Alabama are still cleaning up from all those tornadoes that killed a lot of people. The stock market has been in the tank. And there's that whole mess at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. All this, and we haven't even gotten around to mentioning Iraq yet.

So it's not as if we are in a slow news cycle. Still, we are getting hit with more coverage of Anna Nicole Smith on ET, even though the funeral is over and this poor woman has been dead for weeks. There's absolutely no new news on this woman, but I can't get away from this nonsense. ET in particular won't let go of this crummy, awful story.

Here's a rant by Mike Straka of Fox News, doing his Grrr! routine about all this coverage. All these reporters say they hate covering this story. Well, why are you there, then? That's what he is asking.

I think they are there for one reason: because their bosses tell them to be there, because the boring people who watch ET are expecting the latest coverage of this l0ser Anna Nicole and all her feuding friends and relatives, going after her money. And that leaves the interesting people who tune in to ET all angry and upset, because we have to sit through this lousy coverage. Not to mention the interesting people who tune in to news shows hoping to see serious issues discussed instead of this lousy Anna Nicole nonsense.

Anyway, I am definitely done with this story unless something important breaks-- like they announce the DNA on the kid, or finally determine why she died, or something important like that.

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