Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I gotta say I've been tuning in to a lot of these movies lately on cable. I have turned into a big movie junkie and have been devouring the flicks shown on AMC, TCM, TBS and of course the Movie Central and Encore Avenue channels.

Of course, the reason I became such a big movie junkie in the first place was because of the NHL and its stupid, freaking lockout, the repercussions of which are still being felt. The NHL union is in total chaos and the chief Ted Saskin is in big trouble for spying on player emails. Wow, that's pretty bad.

And also, fans in the USA have really turned the sport right off. No wonder. The way I see it, in the USA there are three "seasons", if you will. There's baseball season, and then there is football season. And now, between football and baseball season is of course basketball season! So that is what is happening right now. People are tuning into college basketball and betting on the NCAAs, and nobody cares anymore about hockey. Out of sight, out of mind, that's what the NHL did to itself. And let's not even get into Chris Simon and his goon tactics.

Me, it's nights like last night and tonight, when there's really not much to tune into sporting-wise on TV, when I hit the TV looking for some movies.

The other day I tuned into the very funny Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle on TBS. A hilarious movie about these two stoners looking for munchies, with an amusing cameo by Neil Patrick Harris and some other good bits.

You know, I gotta say, for a movie set in New Jersey the place sure looked a lot like Mississauga.

And in fact, it turns out (according to Wikipedia) this movie was mostly shot in the greater Toronto area, in Mississauga, Markham, Etobicoke, Toronto, and Caledon. The actual climactic scene at the White Castle restaurant was actually shot at a Swift Burger fast food joint in Caledon! No wonder the whole movie looked like it was set in Peel Region. Incidentally, I've actually been to New Jersey and I can tell you, there's not much difference between New Jersey and greater Toronto. No difference at all, really. New Jersey is essentially one big boring suburb. The whole place looks like Hamilton, basically.

The next portion of the Harold and Kumar saga is a trip to Amsterdam. That is a sequel I'd go see.

And tonight on AMC (Canada) they showed a really campy 1966 movie called Modesty Blaise. This is why I like AMC, they show these old movies that they rescue from the vault, and you get to see them and it's as if they are brand new.

This movie was based on a old comic book character and was sort of a James Bond-ish spoof-type of movie, except the lead was female. The movie starred Monica Vitti, an Italian actress I had never heard of. Turned out that this Modesty Blaise movie was her one big shot at stardom in Hollywood, because it was released by 20th Century Fox. But the movie was a big flop and the critics hated it, and everyone thinks it was a total piece of junk. So poor Monica went back to doing movies in Italy and was never heard from again.

About the only thing going for this flick was that it was a 60s-era spy movie with neat-looking cars and a cool theme song. Check out the trailer for the movie at YouTube.

Anyway I'm a sucker for 60s-era spy spoof flicks and will watch them, even if they end up being garbage. Usually they are fun to watch and have a few interesting fight scenes in them, and cool cars and gadgets. Strange, though, that Canada got to see this movie while Americans got some other flick--- I think it was Splash that they got. I guess maybe AMC doesn't have the rights to show certain movies in Canada or something like that, so they have to show different flicks up here.

I must say I am glad that AMC finally got allowed into Canada. Lots of people say this channel isn't what it used to be, but I still think it's pretty watchable and good stuff. It's also great that Turner Classic Movies is here, too--- we can see all these Tyrone Power movies now.

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