Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well Court TV will soon be no more, they are going to ditch their name and rebrand, and add more "action-packed reality programming" in prime time by January 2008. Or should we say, true-life shows, which is better than most of the "reality" junk out there that bears no resemblance to reality at all. I don't have much problem with true-life shows, or "real reality" as I call it. It's this fake reality wannabe-actor stuff that I really can't stomach. I don't want to see half-way fiction on my TV screens!

Apparently the gang in charge commissioned some survey that indicated that the boring people in middle America wanted this reality stuff. Well, at least they didn't do what MyNetworkTV did, which was throw on the air revamped telenovelas on the cheap. And boy, that flopped.

Anyway, Court TV prime time is going to go the "real" route. And the reason they are doing it is because their reality series in prime time are all doing so well! Daytime programming is going to be overhauled as well, but they still plan to cover trials.

They had better. I don't want to see trial coverage cut! Then again, look at most of the boring trials this channel has to cover, all these murders. Where is Court TV going to be when the sensational Conrad Black trial gets under way in Chicago? Probably out on the street like everyone else. Let's face it, Mr. O.J. Simpson and his case has ruined televised trials for all time. Now every judge in America wants to kick cameras out of the courtroom. It's only these starstruck TV judge wannabes like Judge Larry that like these things. Anyway, sounds like a lot of trial coverage at that channel will shift to broadband in late afternoons and that they will hand over the TV channel to talk shows hosted by Nancy Grace, Star Jones and the usual suspects.

Thought I'd let you know-- reality TV is still taking over the world.

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