Saturday, March 03, 2007


Found an interesting article recently over at Variety. It's about these sitcom writers who have left the world of sitcoms to write for dramas on TV.

It mentioned a guy by the name of Joe Keenan who used to be executive producer for Frasier. Anyway he lost his job when Out of Practice was cancelled--- that was that show on the Monday night CBS lineup that starred Henry Winkler. It wasn't a bad show but nobody watched it and well, anyway, it got the can. So Keenan had to find another show and he figured the writing was on the wall for sitcoms; there was nothing being developed. So he threw in the towel and went to work for Desperate Housewives.

They also profiled someone named Pang-ni Landrum who worked on Six Degrees after working for comedies like Malcolm in the Middle. Anyway, she "saw the writing on the wall" for herself as far as comedy was concerned and wrote a Without a Trace spec to get a job on the dramatic side. There are just too few of these comedies out there.

Maybe these are just serious times and nobody wants to laugh anymore; too many people are worried about terrorists or about that war going on in Iraq. Actually, it's really too bad this comedy drain is happening, because personally, if I were ever to go write for TV I'd prefer to work in comedy. I'm just a big fan of comedy in general. But I guess you go where the work is.

Hopefully these dramas will stay on the air. The sad thing is these networks keep on programming this cheap junk against it, and the boring idiots who live in middle America keep on ruining the lives of these ex-comedy writers in Hollywood by making hits out of these junk shows---thus putting them out of work. That lousy American Idol show is so big a hit that it is starting to tick people off. Among other things people are mad that this show is killing all the good drama shows on the other stations. Furthermore, the gang at FOX are able to program absolute pieces of junk right after Idol is over, and these shows automatically get watched by the dumbbells at home! That moronic and boring Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader show was a HIT on FOX this week. And that show had on there the dumbest adults ever-- one of them managed to get every question wrong! What's a show like this doing on in prime time?! It should be relegated to weekend syndicated duty, this junk!

All I will say is that I am definitely smarter than all these chumps who are watching that awful show--- because I'm not watching!!

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