Friday, March 02, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith had her big funeral today, and right to the end the circus continued. Virgie Arthur was appealing to the Bahamas Supreme Court trying to get the funeral stopped. She actually tried to get the funeral stopped! And the last-ditch attempt failed. Anyway here is the story on the funeral.

And it sounds as if this funeral was totally over the top. People there were saying it was worthy of a queen, but that was overblown. In fact only about 100 people showed up for it. Compared to these royal funerals this was a small crowd. Princess Di's funeral was way bigger than this one. And how many funerals did Gerald Ford have? Seven or eight? It sure seemed like a lot. Still, as far as funerals go, this one still looked pretty decent. And of course all the lawyers were in there, too, mourning.

I understand Howard K. Stern went up there and trashed the "so-called relatives" as he called them, saying only he knows the truth about Anna.

Also, can you believe that Entertainment Tonight negotiated exclusive coverage of the funeral? They showed exclusive video from inside the Baptist church on a thoroughly-unwatchable ET show tonight. The whole show was about this funeral. Apparently Carlos Diaz of Extra! was claiming tonight on Nancy Grace that the church was paid off by Entertainment Tonight; they received a "large contribution". Well, that would explain why ET got an "exclusive", but I don't honestly know for sure if that's what happened or not.

Now what? The custody of Dannielynn remains a big issue, though it looks like maybe Howard and Larry Birkhead may have buried the hatchet somewhat and are negotiating a deal. And Virgie is supposedly trying to get Anna Nicole exhumed and shipped to Texas now, from what we hear. That issue is still tied up in court. You can bet that these folks at Court TV are going to keep on enjoying covering this Anna Nicole mess at the expense of coverage of Scooter Libby and all these other more important cases.

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