Monday, March 26, 2007


The coroner has ruled that Anna Nicole Smith died because of an accidental drug overdose. She was on nine prescription drug medications and that the suicide was an accident. They say chloral hydrate was a major factor in the death--- it's used to treat insomnia and alcohol withdrawal.

I wonder what these wild legal analysts are going to say about this news. I'm sure a few people will want to string the coroner up now, and want to accuse people of murder. This should also make a good episode of Crossing Jordan--- I'm sure they'll want to get on the Anna Nicole bandwagon, too.

Anyway, a big part of this sad story appears to be over. Only thing left to determine is who the father of Dannielynn is.

In other important news the Quebec election is tonight and you can tune in to the live coverage at my political blog, Cairns on Politics. What? You thought this was my political blog? Well, it used to be--- a long time ago.

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