Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Check out this hilarious rant in the Premiere blog about the movie Wild Hogs which takes Americans to task for handing over 38 million dollars to this Number One piece of crap. The headline is "$38 million worth of idiots" and the writer writes: "What the f*&k is wrong with America?"

It's not just moviegoers, either, it's these morons who have made hits out of certain TV shows that are total pieces of crap, like that fifth-grader show last week. American Idol I can understand-- people are hooked on Simon, Randy and Paula as if they are hooked on drugs. But that Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader show boggles my mind.

And these movies offer no relief from the junk on TV. For the last two months it's been the "junk" movie season with all the throwaway garbage and crap being served up in theaters. You would think some people would offer us some good movies to go see, to get us away from all the junk we usually get at this time of year. You might think that such a movie might make money. But fat chance are we ever going to see any of those if the boring people of the United States make hits out of movies that are, quoting Premiere, " the cinematic equivalent of the thin brown gruel that would leak from the trash bags I used to drag to the Dumpster after my shifts at a coffee shop in college."

I'll say it too. What the f*&k is wrong with America?!

(On a similar vein, Jeffrey Wells says in his piece that the "consistency in supporting and back-slapping low- brow entertainments straight out of the gate (i.e., as long as they feel familiar and amiable-friendly) is what sets Americans proudly apart from other cultures.")


Incidentally, speaking of Premiere, I read that this magazine is being shut down. That is really too bad. The magazine was on the block for about a month and they couldn't find a buyer, so the publication is toast. They say they are going to take this magazine web-only but that is hardly a step forward, because they are planning to lay off tons of people. Any publication that has to go web-only, and has to lay off people to do it, is totally finished in the eyes of the public.

And this coming on the heels of the closure of Shock, and the closure of the US edition of FHM. But who will miss FHM, really? The last edition of FHM had Leeann Tweeden on the cover, again. Figures.

I notice that the once-dominant American editions of MAXIM and Stuff are finally on the block, too. I wonder if there are going to be any takers. Possibly-- it might be a different situation because there are people out there who actually read those two magazines, unlike Premiere. But I think the situation is so bad for magazines in the USA that I wouldn't even be surprised if they have to close these two publications down-- or at the very least, sell them off at a bargain basement price. Which would be a shame.

Times are terrible for all media in the USA-- except the Internet, of course.

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