Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Was rummaging around at TVSquad when I found this blurb about how Yale is catching up to Harvard in terms of people having careers in the comedy ranks. Folks like Lewis Black, Demetri Martin, Allison Silverman et al. are making names for themselves in the comedy ranks with these shows.

You know, it's so obvious I should have gone to Harvard or Yale, then I could have spent all my free time at the Lampoon and then gone on to work as a comedy writer for one of these shows! Thank G I at least got one of my degrees from Western, a university that at least produced some notable entertainers and comedians--- ie. that goofy former entertainment-reporter-turned-comedian Carla Collins.

Didn't Alan Thicke go to Western, too? Did he graduate? But he doesn't count, anyway, because he isn't funny. (Come to think of it, Carla Collins isn't funny, either!)

BWAAAAHAHAHA, I'm a regular laugh riot, folks.

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